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How Often Should You Use Crop Preserver

Crop Preserver is arguably the cult favorite in Manscaped manscaping lineup. Customers order it more than any other product, but now that you have this powder gel ball deodorant and moisturizer in your hands, how should you use it? We’ll tell you. You already know to trim, shave, and wash before applying Crop Preserver during a full manscaping session, but did you know you can use Crop Preserver ball deodorant for a quick “pick-me-up” when your balls are heading down Sweatland Street?

Keep Crop Preserver easily accessible, so you can use it during the following:

  • During a full manscaping session
  • After a shower
  • Before hitting the sack
  • Before going on a date
  • Before heading into a meeting
  • After a workout
  • Before a workout

These are just some examples of when you might want to pull out Crop Preserver and deodorize and moisturize the eff out of your balls. Don’t let anyone tell you they smell something strange emanating from your crotch! With Crop Preserver in your manscaping arsenal, no one will.

Questions, comments, concerns about the Crop Preserver? We’re happy to help. Just shoot us an email at, or send us a Facebook Messenger DM.  

Happy Crop Preserving!


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Will my girlfriend taste anything ?


Very good question, Mark B. I have the same.

Mark B

Since you recommend it before a date…how does it taste. Is it edible? I personally love it and so do my balls.


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