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How to Avoid Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs When Shaving Your Balls

Male grooming (grooming done specifically for the area on and around a man’s private parts) is a funny thing. It’s not as straightforward as you may think - soap, water, and any old razor are all you need, right? In all actuality, there are more steps than you may think. And if you don’t groom correctly, and with the correct products and tools, then you can get nasty razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls. Wondering how to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls? Then read on.

Getting razor burn and ingrown hairs when grooming the area on and around your balls is common. Getting razor bumps around the pubic area isn’t just a female problem as one would think. The coarseness and thickness of pubic hair, the inefficient tools, and inappropriate technique all contribute to unsightly (and often painful) razor burn and bumpy ingrown pubic hairs. This results in the skin looking bumpy, red, and inflamed, almost like chicken skin or keratosis pilaris. And with the constant friction from underwear and pants, having razor burn and ingrown hairs on and around your balls can be a painful experience, but one you don’t have to stand for anymore! Luckily, MANSCAPED created a full lineup of male grooming tools and products made specifically for a man’s pubic zone since the hair and skin “down there” has special needs that need to be addressed using specially formulated male-only products and uniquely engineered hair removal tools like trimmers.

lawn mower 3.0

Here’s how using MANSCAPED products and tools can help minimize razor burns and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls. Let’s talk about The Perfect Package 3.0 and its components (products and tools), which is MANSCAPED's most popular and inclusive male grooming kit. The Perfect Package 3.0 contains the essentials a man needs to groom his bits to perfection (that’s why it’s called The Perfect Package, because it makes your package perfect, wink). 

The Perfect Package from MANSCAPED can help you reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls. Here’s how: Follow the Perfect Package 3.0 use protocol. This means you start with The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer to trim the area around your balls before shaving. The Lawn Mower 3.0 is powerful, compact (fits easily in the palm of your hand), and cordless. This means you can easily get around the hills and valleys of your pubic area. Believe us, you do NOT want a large, bulky trimmer in your nether region. Not only is it uncomfortable, but potentially dangerous.

When trimming with The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer, first get the Magic Mat  shaving mat out of your grooming kit and lay it carefully on the floor of your bathroom to trap hair trimming from your balls during grooming. This hilarious newspaper-style shaving mat will keep your bathroom clean and give you a laugh or two (or three) when you read the humorous tidbits while trimming. Reducing the bulk of the hair on and around your balls with the trimmer is the first step in answering the question of how to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls.

When you’re finished using The Lawn Mower, it’s time to jump in the shower and use the rest of the Perfect Package product lineup. To get any errant hairs from trimming your balls off your body and down the drain, pick up MANSCAPED's cleanser called Crop Cleanser. This pH balanced cleanser quickly and effectively cleanses not only your skin (including your manhood and balls), but it also doubles as a shampoo! What a way to minimize clutter and products in your bathroom, but serving double-duty makes this easier and faster during your morning and post-grooming routine.

Now comes the fun stuff. Since MANSCAPED product formulations are pH balanced and formulated to specially moisturize and treat the skin downstairs, they won’t lead to irritation, inflammation, or redness. They answer the question: how to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls! Once you get out of the shower, first admire yourself and your shorn goods. Then, before getting dressed, apply the Crop Preserver ball deodorant. The Crop Preserver is a miracle gel powder. Its unique formulation does two things: it deodorized AND moisturizes your balls. Its unique combination of moisturizing and deodorizing ingredients keeps your balls fresh long after you get out of the shower. You know how sometimes your junk gets sweaty and stinky just a few hours after a shower? Not so with The Crop Preserver. It will keep your shower freshness going for hours and hours. Plus, the soothing ingredients prevent redness and razor burn, which can result from over-aggressive trimming and shaving against the grain (not that you do that, do you?).

After applying the Crop Preserver to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls, it’s time for the piece de resistance, the Crop Reviver refreshing toner. The does just as it states and more: it revives and freshens your ball sack. The Crop Reviver is an all-over freshening body toner that can take your junk to the next level of freshness and pH balance. Infused with natural botanicals and other cooling ingredients, this pH-balanced spritz keeps your skin healthy and balanced: important when talking about how to reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls. Not only can you use the Crop Preserver as the last step in your grooming routine, but you can also use it as a pick-me-up for your balls whenever you feel the need for freshness and coolness. Some guys even keep it in their desk for a quick pick-me-up during the day or before heading out to dinner after work. Once you see that it’s like a long, cold drink, but for your pubic area, you’ll know why guys keep the Crop Reviver close at hand.

MANSCAPED formulations

Here’s what some previous sufferers of razor burn and ingrown hairs have to say after MANSCAPED's tools and formulations showed them how to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving your balls:

“I used to get mad red bumps all over my nuts and on my inner thighs. It wasn’t pretty, and I didn’t date for a long time because of it. I’m not sure if it was because of the trimmer I used. It got rid of most of the hair, but also snagged quite a bit and left things patchy. After seeing an ad for Manscaped in a magazine, I thought, “Why not try it? I have nothing to lose but nasty red bumps.” Lo and behold after using the entire MANSCAPED Perfect Package kit, my male area, including on my balls (thank god) cleared up!” - Shawn H., Des Moines, IA

“The guys who came up with MANSCAPED deserve a medal or Nobel Pube Prize or something! I’m a semi-professional athlete, so I work out 3-4 hours day. This means a lot of chafing and sweating. When I used to shave my balls and slap on some aftershave, they would sting and burn, and the next day I would have tons of ingrown hairs! Because of them, I now know how to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving my balls! Thanks, guys!” Andy K., Toronto, Ont.

What about you? Are you suffering from razor burn and ingrown hairs in your pubic zone? Want an easy fix that will clear up the redness and inflammation, and keep your nether zone looking and smelling stellar? Then head over to and check out the lineup of tools and formulations specially made just for a man’s below-the-waist region.


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