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How to Avoid Sweaty Balls

How to avoid sweaty balls is a question every man has asked himself, from the time he went through puberty to last week when he played his latest pick-up basketball game.

Causes of Sweaty Balls

There are a few reasons for sweaty balls. You may be familiar with some or all of them, as most men are. Because the balls are housed in dark and hot environments (underwear and another layer: a pair of pants and shorts), they, more often than not, get sweaty and uncomfortable. And what about exercise? Working out adds another whammy onto the wet and sweat train. Another issue is size: the size of your balls, the size of your underwear, and the size of your pants or shorts. If your balls are big, and your underwear or pants are too tight or ill-fitting, your balls are going to have a serious sweat and heat issue.

Effects of Sweaty Balls

So what happens when this is the case? You feel uncomfortable in your clothes, you find the feeling disturbing and distracting, which can lead to not paying attention on the job, on the date, or in the game. And what about after a date? Sweaty balls can be the reason for a man not to bring his A-game, and they can also be the reason for a someone to prematurely end a date. No one, man or woman, wants to deal with sweaty, wet-y balls! So what can you do to answer the question of how to avoid sweaty balls?

exercising man

One word: grooming. Male grooming is the art of creating a trim, neat, and clean appearance to your package - this includes the patch above the penis, the area behind the penis and in front of the balls, the balls themselves, and the inner thighs leading to the package. Since there’s no hair on the penis, we’ll leave that out for now. Below-the-waist grooming involves the following actions: trimming, cleansing, moisturizing, deodorizing, and refreshing. It may sound like a lot of steps, but trust us - it’s a quick, yet utterly satisfying and life-changing experience.

Male grooming can turn your unappealing sweaty balls into soft, trim, and satisfying-to-the-touch balls - balls that anyone would like to touch. Here are the details to the steps, and here’s how to avoid sweaty balls.

Trim - The first step in male grooming is a good trim. And when we say trim, we mean with a cordless electric trimmer that’s engineered specifically for a man’s genital area. You can’t use an electric trimmer meant for the face on your junk and expect good results. You need an electric trimmer that can reduce the bulk of hair above your penis and on your ball sack. An electric trimmer like The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer from MANSCAPED is just the thing. Its powerful motor, compact size, and ergonomic styling makes it perfect for trimming around your package. Plus, you can adjust the length of the hair using the adjustable guards. As far as nicks and snags, The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer minimizes them. 

Wash - After you’ve refined with your electric razor designed especially for removing hair from a man’s groin area, it’s time to wash yourself from head to toe. Cleansing your body after trimming the hair in your pubic area is important to get rid of any errant hair that may be stuck to your body. Luckily, Crop Cleanser hair and body wash effectively and quickly cleanses your body of any bacteria and hair, in addition to cleansing your hair. Imagine that! No extra bottles in the shower! After removing hair by trimming and shaving, then washing, it’s time for moisturizing and deodorizing. Intrigued? Read on!

crop cleanser

Moisturize and deodorize - This step may be foreign to most men. After trimming and washing, what else is there? This may be a logical question, but there’s more to male grooming than just those two steps. The Crop Preserver from MANSCAPED is key in how to avoid sweaty balls. Formulated by Manscaped scientists, this product is a miracle two-in-one deodorant and moisturizer specifically for your balls. Coming in a gel talcum formulation, this groundbreaking product goes on dry and does so much for your balls. It not only moisturizes them, keeping them soft and smooth, it also deodorizes, keeping them dry and funk-free. Who DOESN’T want soft, dry, moisturized balls? As you can see, using a product like the Crop Preserver is key in avoiding sweaty balls. But there’s more! You may not believe it, but Manscaped has one more formulation that keeps your balls soft, dry, and smelling amazing!

Spritz - This next step is a spritz. Usually, you think of a wine spritzer, but this spritz from MANSCAPED is a body spritzer or toner. The Crop Reviver does for your junk what a cool, refreshing drink does for you on a hot summer afternoon - it refreshes and revives them. Made of pH balancing ingredients, the Crop Reviver perks up your wilted goods. Use after the Crop Preserver or at any time during the day when you need to freshen up your junk. It helps with scent and sweat. Some men keep this unique product in their cars or desks for whenever they need to quick freshening without jumping into the shower.

Most of these products can be found in The Perfect Package 3.0 male grooming kit. In addition, they give you shaving mats (to keep your bathroom clean), a nail kit (to keep your nails manicured and neat), and a sturdy travel bag (to keep your products and tools organized and all in one place).

the perfect package 3.0

Smile - After using these just-for-men products to avoid sweaty balls, and to turn your package into an attractive, appealing area of your body, it’s time to smile! Not every man knows that MANSCAPED exists for that sole reason.

Want to know what real Manscaped customers have to say about how they avoided sweaty balls by using Manscaped? Check it out!

Real Manscaped men rave about Manscaped and how to avoid sweaty balls:

“My life is completely different now that I use The Perfect Package! My friend got it for me for a secret Santa gift, but it turned out to be a real game changer! I can’t believe I lived 29 years without using Crop Preserver! This one product alone keeps my balls from being sweaty and stinky!” - Marc E., Boston, MA 

“Manscaped made these tools and products with men like me in mind. I’ve used baby powder and real underarm deodorant on my junk. Yes, it’s true. Neither worked very well, and they both irritated my skin down there. With Manscaped, because it’s pH balanced, it keeps my skin smooth and healthy, with no irritation! Love it so much.” Fred K., Sacramento, CA 

How to Prevent Sweaty Balls

“Man. What can I say? I used to really suffer with a sweaty package. Nothing would work. And after working out, the smell was unbearable. After using Crop Cleanser and the ball deodorant from MANSCAPED, my package is no longer uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Now it’s just hot in an attractive way. :) Those dudes from Manscaped really know what they’re doing in their package-perfecting lab. Good job, guys!” - David T., New York, NY 

“I’m not a pro athlete, but I workout almost everyday. I tried everything to keep my balls from being sweaty and uncomfortable, from showering several times a day to using various types of body washes that are supposed to be just for men. Nothing worked. Even changing the type of underwear I wore. One of my bros told me about MANSCAPED and I was sold! I ordered it, and it came within two days. Once I started using it, I knew it was the answer to all of my problems. I always asked myself how to prevent sweaty balls, and MANSCAPED is the answer! Every guy has to try this!!” - Baz P., - Portland, OR

Men of all ages and of all activity levels want to know how to avoid sweaty balls. Proper grooming with the right tools and products is key to keeping your boys happy and dry. This is why the MANSCAPED brand created their lineup of for-men-only products. Tools and products like The Lawn Mower 3.0, Crop Cleanser, Crop Preserver, and Crop Reviver keep a man’s package in tip-top shape - meaning looking, smelling, and feeling the way it’s meant to.

Interested in learning more about grooming or in ordering The Perfect Package 3.0 to get rid of junk funk? Head to!



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