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April 12, 2017

How To Be A Good Wingman

So you want to help your buddy out because let’s face it, he’s not nearly and charming and awesome as you are or maybe he is, but he just doesn’t know how to talk to the ladies. Being a wingman is a sacred duty and requires more skill and finesse than you’d think. Don’t screw up you buddy’s chances of getting that girl! Here are some tips to help you become the very best!

Know your target - Remember you’re a distraction. Make sure you’re distracting the right girl or girls, so your buddy can make his move. Engage the lady or ladies in conversation, make them laugh, and have fun while pulling attention away from your buddy.

Always stay presentable - Make sure you buddy isn’t going in with a big piece of food in his teeth or with his underwear sticking out. You want him looking as sharp as possible, otherwise this could take all night! If you really think he’s going to hit it off that night, remind him to manscape before you guys head out. Nothing is more embarrassing than bringing her back home to your amazon jungle.

Pay attention to the details - Make sure you look for signs of awkwardness or problems. Maybe your buddy shoots you a concerned look, it may be time to bail out or maybe she’s looking uncomfortable, maybe you can jump in with a cool story about your buddy. Just know how to read your buddy’s body language and help him out as he needs it.

Make it all about you buddy - If the need arises, go in and talk up your buddy. Tell a cool story from back-in-the-day or about how he “volunteers at the humane society to care for those sad puppies”. The point is, make him sounds so awesome she’ll want to ditch her friends!

Be brave - A good wingman will have to initiate and make the first move. Maybe it means going into a group of girls and offering drinks or telling some cheesy joke, so your buddy can step in and excuse your behavior.  Either way, be confident and get in there! You buddy will see your confidence and grow some balls too!

Gather info - While you’re chatting up her friends and distracting them, why not find out a little more about this girl for you buddy. Maybe she has a boyfriend… oops, better get him out of there. Or maybe she’s just not his type. Try to get all info on her through her friends. You might be able to interject into their conversation if they have similar interest, like “ Oh, I heard you love dogs, this guy has a husky and he’s awesome.”

Be his hype-man - Pump your buddy up and make him feel confident! Even if he gets shot down, you have to pull him back up and let him know that she wasn’t that cute anyways! The more confident and good he feels, the better experience it will be for both of you. You know he’s awesome so make sure he feels that way and shows it!

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