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How to be the best looking man at a wedding

Aside from the groom, of course, you want to be the best looking fella at the ceremony and the reception. There are some definite perks to standing out from the crowd of suits at a wedding. Here are some grooming tips that will ensure you’ll look your very best at any big event!


Make sure your smile will shine - You’re going to be taking a lot of pictures, laughing, and celebrating. You need your smile to sparkle and stand out from all the smiling faces. We recommend starting a gradual whitening routine one month in advance and get any bleaching done, if necessary. Whitening can cause your gums to be quite sensitive and you don’t want to be suffering on the day of the wedding.


Visit your barber - Make sure you’ve nailed your style for the wedding at least a month or two before. Then, we recommend getting your hair cut again the week of the wedding to make sure your look is clean and fresh! Make sure you’ve practiced your styling the month before, so you can nail it on the big day!


Care for your skin - You don’t want to have dull skin, acne, or dark bags under your eyes on the wedding day. Start a quality skincare routine ASAP! Make sure you are using the right products for your skin type and you are consistent with your routine. On the day of, keep it light and minimal on your face, especially if it’s going to be a hot day. You don’t want to appear sweaty from using too much moisturizer or other products.


Give yourself a little manicure - You’re going to be meeting new people and shaking hands, don’t be the guy with the dirty fingernails. If you are in the wedding party, you want your hands to be particularly nice, since they will be in a lot of photos. We recommend cutting them the week of the wedding and make sure they are filed down smooth with the Manscaped “The Shears” nail kit. (Check out our “Why you should groom your nails blog)


Make sure you smell good - The last thing you want to do is sweat through your nice suit and be a smelly mess all day. Make sure you have a high quality deodorant on, to protect yourself from sweat and maintain your active body parts. A versatile deodorant is the Manscaped “The Crop Preserver”. Put this on all your active areas and it will ensure you won’t feel sweaty even through all the dancing at the reception! Don’t forget to finish off with some cologne! (Read our blog on “How to choose a cologne for some tips!)


Get Manscaped - You really don’t want to miss this step, unless you want the groom to be the only one getting lucky that night. We recommend a thorough manscaping session a month before and touching up on the day of.  This shouldn’t take a of time and should keep you feel fresh all day. Don’t forget to finish off with “The Crop Preserver”. To maintain your manhood throughout the long day, spritz on a little of “The Crop Reviver”.  



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