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How to cancel your Manscaped™ subscription

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



how to cancel your manscaped subscription

At Manscaped™, we always strive to make things as easy as possible. We crafted an all-in-one body wash that doubles as a shampoo. We devised the Magic Mat™ so that you would never struggle with cleaning up after you groom.

In that light, we developed the Peak Hygiene Plan to ensure that you never run out of the stuff you need for optimal grooming. If you’re already on the plan, this guide is designed to help you manage your subscription to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of it. If you haven’t tried it yet, we’ll go over what the plan entails and how it works before getting to the step-by-step instructions.

Peak Hygiene Plan by Manscaped

The Peak Hygiene Plan is designed to simplify shopping for your grooming essentials. You can get fresh blades, refills of your favorites, and try new products – all replenished via automated shipments. This way, you don’t run out of blades, body wash, or whatever else you go through. 

The Peak Hygiene Plan is designed for total customization, and we’ll walk you through the steps to do that in a moment. First, you can join the Peak Hygiene Plan when you order any of our devices or packages. By default, you’ll automatically receive a fresh replacement blade and a bonus product every three months. For example, if you’re ordering The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer and choosing the Peak Hygiene Plan, you’ll receive a replacement blade for the 4.0 plus a bonus consumable product. 

Also, a default setting is the replenishment cycle; this is set to send you replacements every three months. Your default setting can be adjusted to fit your needs because we like to make things easy like that.

Bonuses to joining the Peak Hygiene Plan

Benefits to being part of the Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan

As a member of the Peak Hygiene Plan, you get some extra bonuses. You’ll enjoy member-exclusive pricing and limited offers.

Plus, one of our more popular exclusive offers has been the Platinum Warranty. Should your Lawn Mower™ or Weed Whacker™ trimmer stop working, we’ll ship you a new one for free. It’s a warranty designed to guarantee that you always have a working trimmer. That way, you never have to worry about overgrown hedges, if you know what we mean. See terms and conditions. 

How does the Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan work?

The Peak Hygiene Plan is designed to make replenishment easy. Getting past the default settings, you can pick any two items that you want to be refilled. You pick the date that you want your shipment to come, and then you’re set. The replenishment will continue with the items and schedule you chose until you make a change to the plan, and that’s the important part.

At any point, you can change which items you’re getting and how frequently they arrive. You can also skip a single month if you have plenty of goodies for the time being. We’ll go over the steps to make these changes in a moment, but the important thing to understand is that this program is designed for customization. It works however you want it to work.

How to update your Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan

If you want to change your plan in any way, it is all managed from the member’s portal. We’ll walk you through logging in and making selections. This is the hub for changing the products you get, your delivery schedule, and everything else. You can check prices, browse offers, and do anything else you need in regards to your Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan.

Log in to your Peak Hygiene Plan account

To get started, follow the link to log in at Once there, login in with your account info. If you can’t remember your login info, click the help buttons to reset your account and/or password as needed.

Click the change button

Once you are logged in, you can customize your plan. Simply click the change button on top of each product.

Login Page of The Peak Hygiene Plan

Select your shipping frequency

Click the drop-down menu to change your shipping frequency. You can choose anything from 1 to 12-month intervals.

PHP change frequency

Use the date picker to select the exact day

The date picker chooses what day of the month you receive your shipments. It can be changed at any point.

PHP date picker

Ensure your shipping and payment info is correct

If you need to update shipping or payment information, you can access it all by clicking “manage plan.”

change plan on the peak hygiene plan

Have a look at the total cost

The price breakdown tooltip will show you the total cost of whatever you have selected, including taxes.

price breakdown tooltip on the manscaped peak hygiene plan

You can also skip a shipment

You can also click the “skip this shipment” button if you want to pause delivery for one cycle.

skip PHP shipment

Lastly, you can always add on as many products as you like within your portal at member-exclusive pricing.

How to cancel your Manscaped subscription

With replenishment plans, it can sometimes be tough to perfect the replacement timings. Remember, as a Peak Hygiene Plan member; you now have many new options. You can skip your shipment, select any date you like in the future, and change the frequency of when you get your shipments. But the best part is the ability to try new products. Have too many blades, no problem. Try Crop Cleanser® or Crop Reviver® instead. We did the math for you, and you have up to 66 combinations to select from each shipment! All for only $14.99 per shipment. 

We know some guys end up stockpiling more stuff than they intended. It happens a lot because nobody goes through supplies at the same rate. If you have plenty, and skipping one shipment won’t cut it, you can take a break from the plan. Burn through your stockpile and come back when you need more.

Still, want to cancel?

Login to your account

Canceling your plan is extremely easy. First, log in at

Click manage plan

Once you are signed in, you’ll have access to the member portal. At the top right is the button that says “manage plan.” Clicking on that will give you a drop-down menu.

Head to the bottom to cancel your plan

At the bottom of that menu is “cancel plan.” Click that and follow the prompts to cancel your plan. You can start your plan back up at any moment, so there is no pressure. When you want more goodies, we’ll be here.

manage the manscaped peak hygiene plan

Take advantage of the Peak Hygiene Plan

That’s all it takes. You can manage your membership as you see fit. As we continue to expand our product line, you’ll find more and more great stuff available for automated shipping with the Peak Hygiene Plan. Explore it to your heart’s content.



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