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May 11, 2017

How to Choose a Cologne

Scent is a powerful thing, it is part of your personal style and it is a large part of how people perceive you and remember you. Obviously you don’t want to over do it but fragrance plays a powerful role in attraction. Women in particular are very sensitive to fragrances and it is the most important factor in choosing a man! You want people to have a good impression of you the minute you walk into a room, so where do you begin when choosing a cologne? We’ll walk you through it.

Know your fragrance types to choose what intensity is best for you. (Hint: you can find it written on the bottle or box)

Eau Fraiche: The lightest version of a fragrance and will only last for less than an hour. This is basically body spray and it’s a good fragrance for those who have no self-control when it comes to fragrance. If you like to spray yourself like crazy, you may want to opt for this fragrance style.

Eau de Cologne: Still quite light and will last about two hours. Again, if you like to be heavy-handed with your fragrance this may be your option. This one is often great for younger men, as it is the least expensive because it contains one of the smallest amounts of perfume oil.

Eau de Toilette: This will be the most common type of fragrance you’ll see on the market. It is still light but has a lasting power of about three hours, depending on the individual. This is the point where you will start to see much high prices but the cologne will be better quality and last longer.

Eau de Parfum (Perfume): This contains the highest concentration of perfume oil and will last from five to eight hours. These come at a much higher price point but you will only need a small amount and it will last you all day.

Parfum: This is the most concentrated version of a fragrance. You will only need a drop of this and it can last you up to twenty-four hours! This version can be incredibly expensive, which is why it is not nearly as common as Eau de Toilettes or Eau de Parfums.

Notes and lasting-power: Fragrance will smell different on everyone, even the more generic fragrances, because of the way the fragrance interacts with the natural oils on our skin. Also, fragrance perception is very unique to each individual, something you may find very appealing, may smell revolting to someone else. That’s why if you have a significant other or someone you are seeing, make sure they approve of your fragrance choice because they’re going to have to put up with your scent all day.  

You can make your fragrance last longer by making sure your skin is hydrated, using other products with the same scent (deodorant, lotions, soap, etc.). Again, a fragrance longevity is unique to each individual but it is also affected by the quality of the ingredients used. Some more expensive niche brands will use high quality ingredients that will last longer on the skin and provide a more complex fragrance.

Top Notes: Tend to be citrus and aromatics (fresh scents). These are the notes you smell initially after you first spray your cologne. They also tend to wear off the quickest.

Middle/Medium Notes: Tend to be floral, green, fruity, and spices. These are the notes you smell after the cologne has dried down on the skin. This is the scent you will smell most of the day, so make sure when you are trying on colognes to walk around the store for a bit to see how the fragrance develops on your skin. You may realize that once the top notes have disappeared and the fragrance mixes with your skin, that your don’t like the scent.

Base Notes: Tend to be wooded and balsamic (deeper, more sensual scents). These are the notes you smell after you have been wearing the fragrance for a long time. These scents last the longest on the skin, and therefore will be the last notes you will smell.

Cheaper fragrances will have very simple notes and will fade quite quickly. More expensive fragrances have complex notes that change throughout the day, as you wear them.

How to shop:

  • Spray one scent on each wrist and two more in the inner elbows (if you want to decide between more than two scents)
  • Use the coffee beans! Often many fragrance departments have little cup of coffee beans to refresh your nose in between smell scents. This way you can define the unique notes in each fragrance.
  • Walk around the store. Remember, the fragrance will change as it mixes with your body chemistry. Browse another area before taking another sniff test.
  • If you are still unsure or want an opinion of a friend or significant other, ask for a sample. Some places will be able to offer you a sample and you can test the fragrance out for a couple days before committing to an expensive bottle.


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