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May 30, 2017

How To Choose Sunglasses

Complete your summer style by investing in some sunglasses that will not only block out the sun, but the the haters too! All you need to do, is find a style that flatters your face shape. Follow our simple guide to determine which sunglasses you should buy! 


Oval shape: Your face is taller or longer than it is wide. You’re lucky because most styles look great on you! Just be sure not to go too big or too small, it may make you face look funny. More rectangular shaped frames will emphasize your high cheekbones and flatter your face the most.


Square shape: You have a strong jawline and a wider overall face. Consider contrasting your strong features with curse and rounder glasses. Oval and pilot styles will suit you very well. Also, semi-rimless frames will bring out that jawline!


Round shape: Your face is pretty even and you have softer facial features. To contrast your face, try more geometric glasses to bring structure and angles to your face. Horizontal shapes and rectangular styles will suit you the best and give you a more elongated appearance to your face!


Heart shape: You have a broader brow and narrow chin. To contrast your strong brow bone, go for low key frames that are elongated downwards. This will add balance to your facial features. Frames with thin temples will also soften your prominent brow bone.


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