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How to Date a French Girl

how to date a french girl

There are quite a few preconceived notions that comes into play when dating a non-American girl. This is especially so when dating a French girl.

Here are some assumptions about dating a girl who happens to be French:

They appear crazy
They are arrogant and uptight
They are easy to get and will do anything for attention.

Not all of this is true. (Maybe some!) Here's what you need to know when you want to date a good French girl who is willing to show you what the French culture (and by culture, we mean wine, wine and more wine). It's imperative that you do the following to ensure that you do not disappoint that woman that has deigned to accept your company.

First, look for a fancy restaurant with excellent cuisine (and did we mention wine?) that matches the type that you would expect to find when you visit France. Dark, small, and down a windy side road are what you're looking for in a restaurant. And don't forget to ask Frenchie if she likes where you have taken her. She will be frank, and tell you if it's to her liking. If not, you may experience pouting, sighing, and eye rolling while muttering something about "stupeeed Americans" under her breath.

Also, you need to think about what to wear. The proper attire will always give you an edge as it is part of the culture. Choose what to wear wisely, as it will complete the theme of your night out. Leave American flip-flops and graphic tees at home.

Though there are tons of jokes about smelling French folks, it behooves you to wear a sexy cologne. This will distract your date from the fact that you don't really speak much French and would rather canoodle and nuzzle in a corner of the restaurant. She may be willing to teach you a few key words in French during private moments.

As far as salary is concerned, don't worry about it--the French sure don't! Talking about jobs and money is in bad form, so even if you're unemployed and have 100K in student debt, it probably won't bother your French date. She'll never know! Just live in the moment and compliment her on how good she looks, how lovely her scent is, and the fact that you enjoy every minute of her company. It's worth it if you are willing to be patient and listen to whatever happens to fall out of her mouth. The French nationals love to make conversation. Make it worth your date's while to spend time with you, and you may find yourself on Date #2!



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