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How to Eat Steak for Breakfast

You’re a man and part of being a man… is eating steak for breakfast! Mondays are rough and nothing motivates us more to get up in the mornings, than steak! We bet you can’t get through this article without drooling all over yourself!

Steak and Eggs Benedict Crostini - You won’t have a problem waking up in the morning with delicious dish waiting for you! A crispy crostini, topped with slices of steak, topped with a gooey egg, and finally some hollandaise sauce! I think we may have died and went to breakfast heaven! Find the full recipe here.

Steak and Eggs Benedict Crostini


Carne Asada Hash - At Manscaped, we have a soft spot in our hearts and in our stomachs for carne asada, so just toss us a breakfast beer and some hot sauce and we’re good to go! This hearty hash is so easy to make you’ll wonder why you haven’t been eating steak for breakfast your whole life! Find the full recipe here.

Carne Asada Hash: You'll dream of this hearty, but fast, breakfast after you try it. The perfect mix of tender steak, crispy potatoes, and spicy peppers. Plus, a perfect egg of course. Happy weekend. |


Steak Fingers with Country Gravy - Add some biscuits and you’ll have hearty fried breakfast that is probably the secret to eternal happiness.  How can you really go wrong with fried steak for breakfast? Find the full recipe here.

Steak Fingers with Country Gravy Recipe


Steak Breakfast Pockets - No more microwaved frozen Hot Pockets for you, you’re a man! You deserve something hearty and delicious! These breakfast pockets are so delicious you won’t want to take them on-the-go unless you absolutely have to! Find the full recipe here.

Philly Cheesesteak Omelette -  Thick slices of  cheesy steak and peppers wrapped in a light fluffy egg blanket is all you need to scare away the Monday blues! Find the full recipe here.

Philly Cheese Steak Omelette


Breakfast Flank Steak and Eggs with Guacamole - This is basically the best breakfast taco you could ever ask for! A warm tortilla on the bottom, a layer of fresh guacamole on top, then thick slices of juicy steak, topped with cheese, then more cheese, and finally two runny eggs! Wow, that’s a loaded breakfast taco! Find the full recipe here.

Breakfast flank steak and eggs with guacamole



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