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How to Groom Your Groin GUIDE

At this point in time, more than 95 percent of men claim to manscape at least a few times a year. Here at Manscaped, we’re advocates of the regular routine, not the irregular one. In an effort to promote healthy and effective manscaping, we like to put grooming guides together. Our hope is to help you learn from (and skip) some of the worst mistakes we made to get to this point. That is never more important than learning how to care for your groin. Today’s tips will tell you how to groom your groin, but with a twist. Read on for our how to groom your groin guide.

Hair Care

Even the simplest men among you should understand the basic value of hair and skin care. If you let things get out of control, precision grooming becomes impossible. Hair can become greasy, dirty, tangled and even brittle. None of these conditions promote good grooming, and it all holds true for manscaping. In fact, it holds extra true for managing your groin. So, a three-point approach to taking care of your groin is the true first step to proper manscaping.

 how to groom your groin guide


The first point is cleanliness. Look, we’re not accusing you of growing mold down there, but most guys still aren’t taking crotch cleanliness seriously enough. They just throw some soap down there and call it a day. But, we’re discussing hair care. Surely you utilize specialized products (shampoo and/or conditioner) on your scalp. Why do you care less about your balls? All of this is to say that Crop Cleanser is your friend. It’s formulated to take care of your groin. It provides a shampooing and conditioning effect to the pubes, and it does so in a manner that is friendly to the unique skin conditions that exist below the belt.

The best part is that it doesn’t require much special effort on your part. Simply use it when you shower. Of course, you should learn the basics of an exfoliating scrub. While Crop Cleanser provides the chemical components, you need a physical scrubber that is intended for use on human skin. It will help you remove particles and contaminants that agitate the pubes and the skin they grow in. This helps keeps things soft and smooth -- booth ideal for a sharp, clean, painless grooming session.

Skin Care

While it is impossible to completely separate skin care from hair care, this section is more specific to the very tender and easily-upset skin around your groin. If you never intended to bring blade to your pubes, you should still consider using Crop Preserver every day. It’s so packed full of health-promoting benefits that it’s hard to discuss it concisely. Still, we’ll try. For the most part, Crop Preserver does three things for you. It helps you maintain a healthy moisture level throughout the day; it mitigates friction and prevents chafing and irritation; and it helps you smell fresh.

Managing crotch moisture is not a simple process. It’s a precise balancing act that bears more impact on your health than you realize. For instance, did you know that your skin maintains a “moisture barrier” that helps protect it from bacteria? Even more to the point, that moisture barrier requires a specific pH level to work effectively. Upset it even the slightest and your crotch becomes a breeding ground for unwelcome bacteria. On the other hand, if you let things get too dry, you become even more vulnerable when the outer layer of skin cracks. Crop Preserver manages this through a precisely engineered talcum gel formula. It’s designed to help you manage a healthy pH, and it walks the knife’s edge between too dry and too damp.

how to groom your groin guide

One of the side effects of moisture control is a cool, enjoyable feeling. When you aren’t hot and sticky, life is just better. Additionally, talcum is the wonderful, natural product that allows us to combat friction. It virtually eliminates all chafing. Combined with moisture control, you won’t be taking funky side steps to free your sack from your leg either. You’ll be amazed at how much your day can be improved by these little changes.

Crop Preserver also helps you smell good. Don’t lie. There have been days when you noticed your own funk despite your best efforts and strongest pit deodorant. The truth is that two layers of clothing isn’t enough of a barrier in the peak of summer. You need deodorant down there. Crop Preserver prevents smells through its antimicrobial properties. It also works as an antiperspirant that is safe for your balls. Lastly, we scented it. It smells great in its own right. With all of this coming together, the pungent reek of swamp crotch never has to plague you again.

Actual Grooming

Now that we’ve talked so much about the precursor steps to grooming, we can get into the nuts and bolts of it all. We have more than a few guides on how to go about cutting and controlling the hair around your groin. Today’s lesson will instead highlight how your care routine will impact the grooming process. So, for your starting point, you want to be using Crop Cleanser and Crop Preserver for a few days at least before you get down to mowing the lawn.

With that in mind, the Lawn Mower is the preferred tool to trimming pubes. Lay down a Magic Mat and go at it dry. Because you’ve been taking care of yourself, the hair will already be softened. The skin will be in a healthy state, and the Lawn Mower should glide effortlessly through the bush. Despite the sharp blades and high RPMs, even the Lawn Mower is prone to tugging and struggling through unkempt bush. But, since you took the right steps before this point, you don’t have to know that pain. Trim the hedges to your preference, and then you’ll be ready for the razor.

how to groom your groin guide

We say it all the time, but we hate to skip this tip for potential newcomers: don’t shave everything. Unless you’re shooting a porno, you don’t want a completely naked groin. Or do you? Sure, some places look good perfectly smooth, but the wrinkly skin around your privates usually isn’t one of them. So, use discretion when choosing where to shave and where to leave trimmed. Ok, back to skin care. This is where you’ll notice. Every man reading this has felt the ravages of razor burn. Our goal is to help you avoid ever knowing that horror on your groin. Because you have been giving your skin due attention, it’s in the right state to withstand a shave with minimal irritation. You should probably still use shaving gel or cream, but the effort you expended before this point will help reduce ingrown hairs, razor bumps and general irritation. The steps you take next will virtually eliminate it. 

After you shave, you can toss your Mat and take a shower. We’ve talked about Crop Cleanser already, but we want to harp on that exfoliation bit. A gentle session is most important after shaving. It helps soften hairs that have been cut below the skin so they don't cause problems. We’ll leave it at that.

how to groom your groin guide

After you shower, it’s time for Crop Preserver. Again, we’ve mostly covered it. The one tip here is to let it absorb before getting dressed. That’s extra easy if you take the final step to heart. After allowing the quick-drying deodorant to set for a moment, you can apply a spritz or two of Crop Reviver. This is part of skin and hair care, but we felt it makes more sense to explain it here. Crop Reviver has a restorative formula. For all of your effort, shaving literally scrapes away some of that protective barrier you’ve tried so hard to maintain. Crop Reviver is a formula that rapidly restores it after a shave. You can think of it as a sort of aftershave for your balls, minus the cringe-inducing burning sensation. It’s perfectly gentle, and we designed it to work in concert with Crop Preserver.

And that, gents, is how you groom your groin. It sounds complicated and involved, but it’s actually pretty simple. Just use the right tools, and use them every time. If you go through the checklist once or twice, you’ll find you enjoy the outcome a lot. Proper manscaping feels fantastic, and it quickly becomes its own motivation. From there, you can tailor your routine and preferences like a true pro.

Speaking of pros, that’s the whole point of all of this. We’re trying to turn each and every one of you into champion manscapers. That’s why we built Sure, it’s a great place to get the right tools for the job, but it is also much more. It is a virtual library of all of the knowledge we have been able to find and store over the years of our pursuit of perfect manscaping. We have all kinds of tips and tricks, so never shy away from browsing the archives.


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