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July 17, 2016

How to Keep the Bathroom Clean When Manscaping

how to keep bathroom clean when manscaping

We're glad you’re here, and that you are taking self-care seriously. The modern man has to keep up, and that means spending adequate resources on manscaping. Now that you’ve upped your grooming, you’ve probably noticed that cleanup is a nightmare. Never fear. These three simple tips will take all the pain away, so your efforts on manscaping won’t be wasted, and guests and partners will no longer flee from your bathroom.

Shave in the Shower

It’s obvious, and it isn’t the total solution, but it will save you tons of pain in the long run. Obviously, some grooming doesn’t work as well in the shower, but most of the upper body work will be fine. There are a few tips you should remember, though. It says shave, not trim. If you trim a long beard or any other hair that has grown beyond stubble, you risk perpetual drain clogs. The easy solution to that is to do the trimming elsewhere, and we’ll cover that in a minute. As for shower shaving, make sure the water isn’t too hot. Besides steam making it more difficult to use a mirror, the extra hot water makes your skin more susceptible to razor burn. As for visibility, if your shower is in range of a big bathroom mirror, transparent shower curtains are the cheapest kind. On top of that, you can get a waterproof hand mirror for minimal cost, and it’s enough to handle the bulk of your grooming. Finally, (We're saddened to have to include this disclaimer) don’t use any electric devices in the shower. You’re better than that. As for things that don’t work so well in the shower . . .

Take it Outside

Yes, so far we are taking the absolute easiest route by manscaping in locations that are super easy to clean, or in this case, may not require cleaning at all. For some of you, you have a nice back yard, porch, workshop or garage space that makes this easy. For those of you who face the challenges of communal or apartment living, there are some tricks to make this option viable. If privacy is an issue, you can get a lightweight privacy screen that folds up and fits in a closet. Think of old movies or TV shows where the women have those folding screens they use to change clothes. They work great. As for the elements, in some places it’s just too cold for this to work, but in less severe climates, a portable space heater can go a long way. Anyways, that’s enough of the easy stuff. Let’s make the bathroom more accessible.

Lay a Newspaper Over It

This is the ultimate cliché in bachelor living, but it has merit in this case. A simple layer of newspaper over the counters, around the sink bowl and under the feet will save hours in cleanup. Now, this being the modern age and all, newspapers might be hard to come by. Creativity is your friend, and paper towels, regular towels and even old sheets are all acceptable substitutions. You can go all out and get yourself a painter’s drop cloth if you want. The point is, if you catch the hair before it sticks, cleanup gets so much easier. If you can throw your protective layer in the trash or the washing machine, it’s that much better.


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