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January 02, 2017

How To Make Money In The Manscaped Partner Program

Now that you're part of the Manscaped Partners Program, it's time to learn how to make money!  You get the chance to help Men get a 20% off discount on Manscaped Products. For your effort of recommending Manscaped, you will be compensated 15% of the discounted purchase price.  You help Men get the industry leading Manscaping Products, this helps grow the Manscaped movement, and in turn you get rewarded for your efforts.

Let's review the steps to first become a Manscaped Partner:

  1. Visit and join for free.
  2. Get a customized coupon code for you to give out to your network.
  3. Ensure your referrals to Manscaped use your Partner coupon code when they enroll at Manscaped.
  4. Manscaped will then issue payment to you for each referral directly into your PayPal account.

Proven Partner Program Marketing Strategy:

  1. Speak with friends and family, tell them about Manscaped, give them your Partner coupon code.  These are the main bullet points of Manscaped to tell your contacts about.
  1. Manscaped is the industry leader in Uniquely Engineered and Formulated products and Devices specifically for sensitive skin in highly active areas that are susceptible to heat.
  2. Manscaped is a movement towards sophisticated highly thought out products and devices to refine the gentleman.
  3. Manscapes Mission is to empower men to be more confident. By utilizing the right tools for the right job, By feeling good and looking good you project confidence.
  4. We are the only company to fully develop and Identify an all inclusive Manscaping kit.
  5. Due to a lack of sophisticated men’s grooming and hygiene products in a trending market, we set out to develop the best tools for this job in order to boost men’s confidence, by feeling confident about themselves, in a results driven manner.
  1. Start making phone calls to your contacts.
  1. Tell them about your experience with Manscaped.
  2. Make sure they hear your results!
  3. Outline what makes Manscaped the perfect solution to them (use bullet points above).
  4. Be sure to give them your Partner coupon code and make sure they write it down.
  1. Start your first email marketing campaign.
  1. Leverage the power of email outreach and write emails to your contacts.
  2. Let your contact in on the "Movement" that is Manscaped.
  3. Outline what makes Manscaped the perfect solution to them (use bullet points above).
  4. Be sure to give them your Partner coupon code.
  1. Post on online men’s health, men’s grooming, men’s hygiene, manscaping forums and Facebook.
  1. Join online Manscaping forums and look for opportunities to recommend Manscaped.
  2. Be sure to give them your Partner coupon code.
  3. Use Facebook Instant Messenger to write messages to friends and family.
  4. Post Facebook status updates and posts on your personal Facebook page.
  5. Ask users to message you for details on Manscaped.
  6. Be sure to highlight your Partner coupon code.

Do you have any questions about the Manscaped Partner Program? Would you like more strategies to help get sales? If so, email or call us at 800.893.6652 .

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