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How to Manscape Every Single Body Part Head to Toe

Sure. You’ve toyed with manscaping. You may have even trimmed your pubes or shaved your junk on occasion. You’ve used skincare products with an air of dubiousness and not at all in a regular routine, just a bit here and there. You know there’s something to the male grooming trend so trendily called manscaping, but you haven’t fully committed. We’re here to help. There’s such a stark difference between dabbling in manscaping and full body care that words can never describe. If you really want to look and feel your best (both clothed and unclothed), you have to take a holistic approach, and that is exactly what we’re outlining for you in this quick guide in how to manscape every single body part head to toe.

The Head

This is stuff you already know, so we’ll be brief. For the top of your head, get a haircut. Just . . . get a haircut. You’ve been doing this since you were a toddler, so just find someone you trust and go visit them every six weeks or so. So that’s the top of your head taken care of. Now, what about your ears? You should never have hair growing out of your ears, but since most of you are probably under the age of 80, that’s a less common issue, thankfully. The face and neck still play by the same rules you have learned. You should have two distinct eyebrows, and your facial hair needs to be maintained. Acceptable styles are diverse, especially nowadays, but if you have grown hair, it should have definable lines and not grow on the neck. Long beards are in, five-o-clock shadows are in, but little devilish goatees are not. Take note, friends. Be honest; there are only a few dozen men with the rugged masculinity necessary to look good with a neckbeard. You aren’t one of them, believe us.

man getting haircut

The Back 

Unless you’re in an abnormal relationship (and good for you if you are—we don’t judge!), you need to have a smooth back. Back hair is one of the most universal turn-offs for women (and men) around the globe. Regular waxing appointments are one of the best ways to manage back hair that you can’t reach, so find a waxing salon that caters to men (and has a backdoor entrance, just kidding). But, when that isn’t available, get the help you need and put your razor (and your significant other) to work. A razor might take more time but is well worth it for the lack of skin irritation and cost associated with waxing. When we teach you how to manscape every single body part head to toe, we really mean head to toe!

The Chest

We have left the easy maintenance routines. Chest hair is normal, and it isn’t universally reviled. In fact, some cultures revere a hairy chest as evidence of large amounts of testosterone, therefore extra virility. We don’t know if that’s scientifically true, but rules of thumb regarding this area suggest that you shouldn’t have a perfectly smooth chest. Unless it’s a sports thing. That’s fine. You don’t want an overly bushy chest either. If your hair is curling out your shirt, it’s probably too long (or it’s still the 1970s). Rather than shaving or waxing, set your Lawn Mower 3.0 to a longer length and give it a healthy trim. You might have to experiment with your look, but the goal is to appear maintained without being tamed. It’s a fine balance that usually requires shorter hair more than less dense hair. Got it?

Arms and Legs

For most guys, the arms and legs won’t require any grooming maintenance. Take care of your skin, but letting the hair run free is fine. The obvious exception is the pits. Now, you don’t need to be as bare as a supermodel, but pit hair gets out of control pretty easily. It also smells terrible. Treat it like your chest and just try to control it a little. Trim it, but trim it long.

A few of you reading this have it rough. You have uncannily bushy arms and legs, and you’ve received complaints. Managing this problem will require a tiered approach. Start with a simple trim to make it shorter. If that doesn’t really curb the problem, you may need to look into methods to thin the hair a little. If nothing else works, take up competitive swimming or bicycling as an excuse to completely shave that mess. It’ll keep you fit, and you won’t keep being mistaken for a Sasquatch. 

the lawn mower 3.0.

The Privates

Now we get to the meat of the issue. Pun totally intended. The whole body requires care, and laziness on any front can lead to regret. But, the groin requires the most precision, the most expertise. Mistakes here look far worse than other places, and they hurt. A lot. But don’t let that scare you—we’ll walk you through the whole thing. So let’s start with the basics, shall we? Here’s the part of how to manscape every single body part head to toe that most men are interested in.

You don’t need to be bald. Perfectly smooth, totally bald genitals appeal to a very small, niche group of women or men. If you aren’t committed to one, leave some hair when you groom. By that same token, even trimming too short around the balls and shaft can be unpleasant. Most men don’t realize it, but even a too-close trim leaves hair feeling rather prickly. You don’t want to turn your own sack into a pants cactus. It’s not fun.

The trick is to aggressively remove pubes away from your manhood. On the ball sack itself, you want a trim that gets as short as possible without entering the prickly stage. This will give you a clean look and feel. It’ll remove the natural discouragement for bedroom adventures, and it’ll combat swamp crotch. This technique alone might not optimize your nether aesthetic, but it’s the best place to start. From there, you can refine your image with your precision tools and perfect your own style of manscaping. We recommend using tools made especially for the job, like those from MANSCAPED, makers of the popular tool and product lineup devoted to making a man’s package as attractive as can be. First, use The Lawn Mower 3.0 electric trimmer. This compact, cordless wonder is sized to maneuver its way around your goods with deftness and efficiency. It won’t snag or nick, thanks to its safety guard, and it allows you to adjust the length of hair. So, depending on your mood, you can be slick as Willy or hairy as Harry.


Oh, did you think we were done? Amateur. So many poor, unfortunate men have come close to manscaping nirvana, only to completely strike out by overlooking their nails. Sure, you probably clip your fingers and toes often enough to keep snags and ingrowns at bay, but that’s not enough for a true champion of manscaping. Nail care isn’t as difficult as you might fear, but it does require a little effort.

Grab yourself a set of The Shears and learn to use each tool. You’ll find that nail scissors are far more precise than traditional clippers. When you use them together, you become like a sculptor and progressively refine your nails through a three-stages approach. Once you do, you’ll find the cleaner look positively received, and the smoother feel will protect your nails from snagging and give you a subtle boost of dexterity.

Final Steps

manscaped wet products

We’ve covered the grooming, but there’s a final consideration that really completes the package: hair and skincare. You probably understand the necessity of shampoo, but scalp benefits can be mirrored across your body. The trifecta of treatments (wash, spray, and deodorants) finalizes your efforts. They add the healthy sheen to your skin and hair that frames your grooming efforts and completes the clean feel. Crop Cleanser, Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver get this done in easy fashion. Use the wash in the shower, apply the deodorant before you go out, and revitalize with the toner as needed. When you ice your manscaping cake with these three, you’ll finally enter the higher plane of living you’ve been seeking.

Manscaping is about completing the package. You can find that package and everything else you need at



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