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How to Manscape Men's Groin Area

It’s time to face facts. Manscaping is the way of the future. It’s here to stay, and if you don’t want to be left behind, it’s time to learn. Some of you think you're already manscaped. You took a groin trimmer to your junk once and hacked at the brush like a monkey with a toy. Maybe you even went so far as to grab your razor and clear the entire forest. Friend, though we admire your gumption, you’ve got a lot to learn. If you're wondering how to trim groin hair, we've got all the tips you need right here.

how to manscape men's groin area

Manscaping is about so much more than just trimming a few pubes. You have to consider how to deal with your back, your legs, your chest, your pits and every other part of your body. All of this excludes the parts that started the whole thing: the face and head. A complete approach requires earnest effort and a thirst for knowledge. The sheer burden of information is why we strive so hard to provide resources like this to help you in the first place. With that in mind, sometimes, you need to narrow your focus and look at something with a little depth. Doing so will help you tackle the mountainous information out there and really hone your manscaping skills. Today, we’re going to focus specifically on the groin. Much of what you learn will also apply to the taint and butt, but even those topics won’t be seen much here. There's no reason to beat around the bush (can't resist the pun), so let's get started. We're ready to help you learn how to remove pubic hair at home without pain.

Dealing With Pubes

Here at MANSCAPED, we're often asked about how to shave pubic hair for men. After all, we are the experts. 

As you might imagine, the thousand-mile journey to great manscaping starts with the most obvious first step. Trim those pubes! Before we get into technique and style, we’re going to address the newbies in the crowd. If you have never trimmed your pubes, you’re hopelessly clueless. We’re not talking about being fashion forward or a “modern man.” What we mean is that you have no idea how miserable your pubes are making you. They get tangled. They itch. They trap sweat and generate irritation in your crotch. There’s no medical benefit, and while you might have some distorted sense of masculinity tied to them, you’ll be happier if you crop them down a bit. That's why we want to teach you how to manscape men's groin area.

Ok, now that everyone is on board with the why, let’s talk about the how. You need two things to trim the pubes: a Lawn Mower cordless trimmer and a Magic Mat. In a technical sense, you can do it without the Mat, but why would you want to? Spread the Mat on the floor and position yourself over its center. Hopefully you were smart enough to strip before this point. We give this advice a lot, and it’s reappearing here for a reason. Start with your Lawn Mower on the longest guard setting. It’s pretty simple logic. You can always go shorter, but you can’t exactly put the hair back once its cut. When you’re trimming, you’re looking for two things.

First, you want to eyeball the aesthetic. While you’re probably doing this for someone else to appreciate it, you have to find your own style, and that starts with finding a look that you like. You’ll quickly see that some parts of the groin should be shorter than others, but especially around the balls, you don’t want to go too short unless you’re planning to keep things shaved. The reason brings us to the second issue.

How to Manscape Men's Groin Area

You want to keep track of, for lack of a better term, spikiness. If you get the pubes short enough, they’ll get rough and scratchy like the stubble on your face. Except on overdrive. In some parts of the groin, this doesn’t matter too much. But, anywhere that is going to have frequent contact with other skin will be nightmarish. Think it through and you’ll have a good idea of where to go long or short. This is a major consideration when deciding how to manscape men's groin area.

Once you’ve finished trimming, don’t toss the Magic Mat just yet, cowboy. Now is time to grab your Plow safety razor and some shaving gel. If you don’t have favorite shaved regions yet, try some experiments. This is about feel as much as look, but discretion still matters. (Pro tip: try shaving one area per manscaping session to see what looks and feels best without reducing your groin to the image of a bald, newborn pug.) The primary goal of shaving is to create clean lines and to get the skin completely smooth when and where you need it.

The Part That Really Matters

Congratulations. You’ve made it past taming the pubes. You are now at the most amatuer level of manscaping. Let us help you skip ahead to more advanced levels. Otherwise, you’re going to find the process uncomfortable and, at times, painful. By now, you have surely learned the importance of taking care of your skin after you manage your beard. Do you think your ball sack is somehow less susceptible than your face?

The first step to saving your skin is a warm shower. You’ll notice that we didn’t have you shower first. That’s because it’s important to exfoliate the skin after a shave. You should do it after trimming too, but shaving is more severe. We should also take a moment to emphasize the importance of warm water over scalding hot. Sure, sometimes a hot shower feels great, but it’s murder on sensitive and irritated skin, and you are dealing with both. The warm shower will relax the hair fibers and dramatically reduce incidents of razor burn and razor bumps. So, wash yourself and use a healthy dose of Crop Cleanser. It’s step one on the path to healing.

After your shower, try to pat your groin dry. You might not think about towel technique, but there’s a reason for it. As much effort as we put into the design of Crop Cleanser, you’re still applying it in running water. It gets a reduced chance to be absorbed by the skin that needs it. If you pat dry, you give it a little more chance to do its job.

How to Manscape Men's Groin Area

Once clean and dry, it’s time for deodorant. Sure, hit the pits too, but we’re talking about ball deodorant. Crop Preserver is the best thing you’ve never tried. Not only is it the key component to your entire manscaping routine, it is also going to be your favorite part. We made Crop Preserver by combining Nymph magic and mad science. The result is a formula that keeps you cool, smooth and at the exact right balance between dryness and dampness throughout the day. Even when you have a rough one, the reduced friction, sweat control and antimicrobial function will keep you smelling as great as you feel. Which is fantastic. We love to talk about Crop Preserver, and if you browse our archives, you can find the real science behind the curative elixir.

That last thing you need for a properly manscaped groin is a spritz of Crop Reviver. It’s the last component that fully revitalizes your skin after you bombard it with blades and helps prevent itching after shaving your private area. And the other things we won’t talk about. You might wonder why the elements of Crop Reviver aren’t included in Preserver. That’s a good question, and it comes down to engineering. They have separate active ingredients that don’t play well together in the bottle. That’s why you want to let the deodorant absorb a bit before you apply the spray. Being in a hurry won’t keep them from working, but the short pause improves performance. And, don’t worry. They’re both designed for rapid absorption.

Well gents. That summarizes the groin area. Keeping it manscaped is important for a few things. Obviously, you want to impress your lover(s). Keeping things clean and tight down there is the last line of defense for preserving a great night. Perhaps just as important (even though you might not think so) is what a manscaped groin does for you. It genuinely makes you feel better throughout the day. That feeling translates to confidence and decisive action, and it can give you an extra edge in every part of your life. At this point you might wonder why we didn't tell you about the latest groin-hair styles. We'll answer with great manscapers are not taught; they are born.

But, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. We’re giving you the tools and the tips, but it’s ultimately up to you. When you’ve finished browsing for inspiration, bite the bullet and take care of yourself. You won’t regret it.


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