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How To Prevent A Hairy Mess While Manscaping (Hint Magic Mat)

Are your balls clean? Like, really? Because, we’d be willing to bet that most of you reading this right now aren’t crisp and fresh. If the improbable scenario of a porn scene started to play out right now, right where you are, would you score, or would your messy manhood cost you? There’s no need to feel ashamed. We all have lapses in our health routines. Everyone breaks down and gets a pizza after a long week. Or skips the gym now and then. Manscaping is no different. We fall out of routines and before we know it, our junk is a hairy, smelly mess. But, instead of shaming you for being human, we’re going to help you keep the routine alive. When it comes to these things, it’s all about inertia.

How To Prevent A Hairy Mess While Manscaping (Hint Magic Mat)


We’re going to try to avoid getting too sciency here, but inertia is an important concept. It’s the idea that it’s always easier to leave things the way they are. In terms of establishing healthy routines, the hardest part is maintaining the ritual long enough for it to become the norm. Once manscaping is more common than not, then inertia will help you keep your balls under control. Until then, you need a good strategy to fight the inertia that is working against your good habits.

As for manscaping, there are a few common sources of inertia that you have to fight. The first is time. If you want a properly manicured lawn, you have to sacrifice some minutes. It doesn’t always fit well into a rushed, early morning routine. For some guys, professional appointments are the best way to go. It costs a premium, but getting professionally waxed and handled helps you stick to your commitments -- especially if there are cancellation fees.

Still, most of us don’t want to spend that kind of money on things we can do ourselves. To fight the inertia of time management, a few tricks can help. A lot of guys find success by doing the bulk of their manscaping at night. They can turn the practice into a sort of meditation. Focusing on trimming and grooming can help you get out of your head for a while. For others, you simply designating manscaping days is better. Like dealing with laundry or cleaning the bathroom, it’s a chore that you have to manage, and as long as you don’t skip it too many times, you’ll be ok.

Speaking of cleaning, that’s another major source of inertia. Manscaping is messy. Sure, the simple solution is to try to do most of the work in the shower, but that comes at a price. First of all, you can’t be as precise in the shower. Shaving creams and gels are better for shaving than running water. Worse, even if you do stay on top of things, your removed hair is going to eventually clog the drain. You know it, and you use it as an excuse to skip your manscaping sessions. There’s good news. Whereas time management will always be a lesson in self-discipline, mitigating the mess of manscaping is easy. All you need is the Magic Mat.

How To Prevent A Hairy Mess While Manscaping (Hint Magic Mat)

Magic Mat is an integral part of the Perfect Package, which is a manscaping kit designed to include everything you’ll ever need. A lot of guys undervalue the mat. They see it as a gimmick. Or, they might view it as that little extra that doesn’t really matter. Both of these views are wrong. The Magic Mat is the most powerful tool in your manscaping kit. It destroys inertia. Think about how simple this device really is. Spread it on the ground (like a newspaper when you’re housebreaking a dog). Simply stand on it while you do your business. Once done, you can wad it up and toss it. There’s no skill to learn. No precision necessary. You just let the mat catch your mess. It won’t get every stray hair, but it help keep your manscaping from creating a disturbing aftermath scene every time you give your manhood a little attention. It reduces the messiness. It eliminates inertia.

There are a few other sources of inertia that merit concern. For those who have not yet invested, you need to get the tools for the job. The Perfect Package is an easy way to climb that summit. There’s also the burden of knowledge. What do you need to know to manscape properly? What style is right for you? Well, we want to help you address each of these problems, so here it is in easy terms:

A Simple Session

Manscaping can be immensely complex. Some guys think they’re NBA stars from the 90s and are trying to groom shapes and designs into their junk. It might sound fun, but it’s a little ridiculous. If you need to drop your trunks to make a woman laugh, maybe you don’t understand the game so well. Other guys treat their pubes like a bonsai tree and meticulously crop every hair. We’re not here to judge. If that does something for you, go for it. But, most of us just don’t have that kind of free time. The key to manscaping is to keep it simple. Until you figure out the style you like best, the goal is simply to reduce the bushiness. Go for a simple trim, shave the taint and create clean lines in any highly visible areas. That’s all you need to do, and it’s easy to accomplish.

It starts with a trim. For first timers this should be obvious. Taking a razor to long pubes is just asking for nicks and cuts. And massive razor burn. For those of you a little behind schedule, the trim is equally important. The truth is, you need to start with a trim even if you keep to your manscaping zealously. It isn’t just about trimming hair that you’re going to shave. A lot of the hair you’re managing isn’t going to be shaved anyways. You’re just going to trim it. So, get your Lawn Mower, position yourself on Magic Mat and give yourself a once over on the longest setting. If, from there, you need to go shorter in some areas, feel free. You’ll find that after you’ve done this a few times, it isn’t really a time sink. A couple of minutes is enough to keep yourself nicely trimmed.

After, and only after, you trim you can grab your Plow. You can still do this over the same mat. Make yourself smooth where you want to be smooth, and take your time to get good, clean lines. We get asked about shaving balls all the time, so we’ll reiterate a few basics. Shaving your balls requires two hands. You use one to hold the razor while the other manages your junk. Sometimes this means moving stuff out of the way. Other times it’s a matter of pulling wrinkly skin taut. In either case, you don’t have a third hand to manage a mirror. You can place it on the ground or prop it up to help you see. It’s not rocket science.

How To Prevent A Hairy Mess While Manscaping (Hint Magic Mat)

At this stage, you’re pretty much through the woods. The careful, hair-management part of this is done. The rest of your routine is about being clean and making sure the trimming and shaving aren’t wreaking havoc on your skin and sensitive parts. Every trim/shave session should be followed by a warm shower. We have to stress this a lot. You want a warm shower, but not a blisteringly hot one. Too much heat dries out the already irritated skin and helps you form lots of nasty razor bumps. In the shower, exfoliate liberally, and don’t be shy with the Crop Cleanser. It’ll get you clean, moisturize the skin and make you smell great.

After a good shower, you’ll be feeling clean and fresh. You might even think you’re done, but you aren’t. The last step is super simple and only takes a few seconds, but it’s the most important part. Whether you manscape in the morning, night or anywhere in between, you should follow the shower with an application of Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. The former is a ball deodorant that’s formulated to reduce friction. This is especially helpful when you get a little stubble growth between shaves. Crop Reviver is a spritz dedicated to maintaining good skin health in your private zone. It helps maintain a healthy pH balance and it rebuilds protective layers that are sometimes damaged by razors.

Now, you’re done. It took a lot of words to describe, but when you think about it, the process is easy. Trim, shave, shower and apply. After a few sessions, you’ll be knocking it out in no time. So, we’ve helped you tackle the challenges of inertia. We gave you a process that is fast and painless. We provide tools that are elite and keep you healthy. We’ve given you a way to manage messiness, and we helped you get a feel for a basic style that gets you on your way. If you still aren’t satisfied, don’t worry. We’ve created a compendium of all of our tools and resources at Whatever you need to tackle your inertia, you can find it there.



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