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How To Avoid Growing a Unibrow Tutorial

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How To Prevent Growing A Unibrow Tutorial

Unibrows are sexy, right? Everyone loves being distracted from an intimate, soul-searching look into another's eyes by a big ol' bush between the peepers. Well, just in case you're strange and don't want to have a unibrow, I guess we can discuss ways to deal with the problem. There are tons of methods to keeping your eyebrows in check. They all come with their own set of pros and cons, so you can take it all in and decide for yourself what you want to do.

Tweezing Your Eyebrows

It's the classic answer for a reason. You can tweeze your eyebrows with great precision. Tweezers remove hair by the roots, and most guys won't need to repeat the process more than once a month. Plenty of you out there won't even have to do it that often. Tweezing is easy, quick, and reliable. It's also the cheapest thing in the world. All you need is an eyebrow comb and tweezers. Trimming scissors can help, but most of you won't need them.

Tweezing Technique

The technique is simple. Try grabbing the hairs within the unibrow region and pull them by the root, one at a time. If you have trouble, brush the hair straight up. From there, trim them down to between one-quarter and one-half inches. Repeat your efforts, and it should be easier to remove those pests. If the process agitates your face, a little skin treatment works pretty well. Hydrocortisone cream or even aftershave can soothe the skin and take care of the redness.

Man Getting His Eyebrows Done

Wax Your Eyebrows

Hair waxing is a painful process, but the eyebrows are a bit of an exception. Well, that's not exactly right. It still hurts, but there's so little hair in the unibrow that it isn't a deal, which is why a lot of guy's opt for men's eyebrow waxing. A quick waxing is usually less painful than individual tweezing, so that's a big bonus. Waxing is also still very cheap, and if you're at all uncertain of your skills, you can get it done professionally. Just add it to your scheduled butt treatment!

DIY Waxing

Obviously, the DIY approach has plenty of appeal. You can even make a sugar wax all on your own. If you do choose the DIY eyebrow wax, remember a few things. First, be careful with the application. You don't want to have this happen. Also, waxing is hard on the skin. Give it some TLC after the session to reduce redness and irritation. It does no good to replace a bushy unibrow with a splotchy, red mess.

Hair Removal Cream

Perhaps you've heard of depilatory cream before. Maybe you've seen a commercial for Nair? The idea is pretty awesome. You rub a painless cream on your unibrow, let it sit for the recommended amount of time, and then just wipe it off. The hair comes with it, and you no longer have a unibrow! Here's the good news. That's really how it works.

Only Use Cream Designed For Your Face

Here's the bad news: there are some drawbacks. First and foremost, you should only use a depilatory that is designed for your face. This stuff can get very harsh and wreak havoc on your face. More importantly, the wrong cream can honestly damage your eyes. There's no need to take that risk when plenty of creams are meant for eyebrows.

Depilatories Don't Remove Hair By The Roots

The second big drawback is that depilatories don't remove hair by the roots. That means your unibrow is going to grow back as quickly as though you shaved. That means at least weekly treatments will be necessary. Some of you will be creaming daily.

Depilatory Creams Can Harm Your Skin

Lastly, depilatory creams can harm your skin. Reactions are abnormal, but if you find the cream painful, you suffer any swelling or see any other sign of a reaction, wash it off immediately, and seek medical help. Before you run scared, remember that this is pretty rare.

Shaving Your Eyebrows

You're already pretty good with a razor. If you take good care of yourself, you probably use that razor most days. Why not add a few seconds to your routine to keep the unibrow in check? It sounds simple, and plenty of guys do exactly this. It really does work.

But, like you just read, shaving requires a lot of upkeep. It also puts stress on your skin. Waxing might leave you splotchy for a day every couple of months. Shaving can leave you splotchy every single day. On top of that, you don't want unibrow stubble. It's not much better than a bushy unibrow.

So, you can take shaving with a grain of salt. You can always try adding it to your morning routine. If it works, then, by all means, you're good to go. If not, you have all of these other intriguing methods to try.

Close Up Of A Mans Eyebrow

Laser Removal

At last, we make it to the permanent solutions. Laser removal is high-tech, low risk, and works forever. While it can cause a little bit of skin irritation, it's not permanent. That seems like a small price to pay for never having a unibrow again (better hope they never come into style!). It's something women have done on their legs, armpits, and faces for years, so this is a thoroughly vetted process. The best news of all is that your unibrow is small. This treatment will cost less than laser hair removal on other body parts.

Laser Hair Removal Is Expensive

Naturally, there are cons too. The biggest is the price. Even though you're getting a cheaper-than-average laser procedure, you're still paying a medical professional to kill your hair with a laser. Don't expect your insurance to cover it.

It Doesn't Always Work

There's another big drawback to consider. Laser removal doesn't always work. Ideally, you want to have dark hair and light skin (maybe plan your procedure in the dead of winter?). That means it's not viable for a lot of you. Still, if you're curious, you can always get a consultation and see what the experts think.


Even if lasers aren't an option, there is still a permanent unibrow removal process that can work for you. Electrolysis doesn't suffer from the conditional prerequisites that afflict lasers. It basically works on everyone. It's just as permanent, and since it's done professionally, it's fairly low risk.

May Require The Use of Anesthetics

Now to the catch(es). Electrolysis may require the use of anesthetics. That means it can be quite a bit pricier than laser removal (depends on a lot of conditions). It also takes multiple treatments, and each one can last hours. Lastly, there is a risk of scarring through this process. A doctor is literally electrocuting the hair out of your unibrow. That's not always harmless.

All of that said, thousands of people have gone this route, and the results speak for themselves. If you want a permanent solution, this might be the only viable option.

Now You Know How To Avoid Growing A Unibrow

Well, that about covers unibrows. You can't technically prevent them from growing unless you use permanent hair removal, but there are plenty of options for keeping them under control. You can try any or all of these methods and stick with what suits you best. The one option we didn't cover today is letting the unibrow ride. If you're single, it's not your best option. If you're in a relationship, your significant other might have things to say. That's between the two of you.




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