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November 17, 2016

How to Prevent Razor Burn After Manscaping

how to prevent razor burn after manscaping

Manscaping is, to many men, an essential ingredient in the quest to enjoy optimal manliness. Unfortunately, ill-prepped privates can easily become susceptible to razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other uncomfortable situations. To avoid pubic pitfalls and get the most out of your freshly-manscaped manhood, take a look at these quick tips:

Prep First

Hacking away at your hairs without proper preparation is a recipe for disaster. Be sure to thoroughly clean your hands, tools, and applicable body parts before you proceed further.

Trim the Landscaping

Whether you want to go bald, or you're just looking to take a little off the top, you'll want to get your nether region in good shape before you take a deeper plunge. Using cleaned and sanitized trimmers that are solely dedicated to the purpose at hand, trim your hair so it's at a length that's manageable for your razor. Longer hairs can rip and tear your skin, which is often the cause for painful razor burn. Beyond this, these strong and curly follicles often retreat back under the skin if they're long enough to evade the razor, causing further under-the-skin inflammation.

Get Steamy

A hot, steamy shower will open your pores, thus making it easier for your roots to let loose of their hairy friends. Take care to take a long, hot shower before you pick up your manscaping tools to ensure your skin has had time to properly open itself up to the possibilities of a more manicured landscape. Never, ever attempt a dry shave unless you're simply in it for the pain and disaster that's sure to follow.

Lubricate Properly

Preventing after-manscaping razor burn starts with proper precautions. High-quality shaving cream or gel will moisturize your hair follicles and make your skin less susceptible to burns afterward. By all means, avoid using soap as your pre-shaving lather. It has drying effects that are sure to bring more harm than good.

Employ an Awesome Razor and Trimmer

The quickest way to painful razor burn comes by way of using a dull or over-used edge. A brand new razor or area-specific trimmer will shave your sacred spots evenly and help to prevent nicks and cuts.

Soothe the Situation

To prevent after-shaving irritation, apply a soothing formula that's specifically intended to calm sensitive skin after a shaving encounter.

Have you mastered the art of razor burn prevention after manscaping? We'd love to hear what you do to keep your below-the-belt situation running smoothly. Share your secrets at our Manscaped Facebook page!


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