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How to Properly Manscape

how to properly manscape

So you’re finally ready to listen to reason? Good. But, before you grab your razor and attack your body hair with abandon, it might be best to learn a few important tips about manscaping. You can turn your body into a dreamland, but you have to take a good approach. These three tips are surprisingly inclusive for what you’ll need to get started. And a good trimmer. Never forget the trimmer.

Set a Routine

Like all hygiene and self-care attempts, manscaping can only succeed through routine application. Before you feel overwhelmed, take comfort in a few things. First, the bulk of your manscaping won’t require daily attention. A lot of the process is just trimming bushy areas, and, depending on your body type, you can get away with treating an area anywhere from once a week to every few months, depending on how fast it grows. That doesn’t mean you should just play it by ear, though. If you do waxing, put it on the calendar. When you get a feel for how frequently each region needs upkeep, set time aside to stay on top of it. Keeping a routine will keep you from backsliding.

Get Help

For the vast majority of men, back hair is a problem, and it’s one of the most universally focused areas for manscaping. Frustratingly, most can’t manage it alone, and this leads to some serious tests of friendship, closeness and loyalty. For the most committed, you can easily navigate these troubles by scheduling a waxing or grooming appointment. For others, you’ll simply have to ask for help. On the bright side, the tenderest and embarrassing areas are usually easy to handle solo.

A Different Plan for Each Region

Not all body hair is created equal. What works for your face is not necessarily right for your chest. Here are some starting tips:

Back and shoulders should be bare and smooth.
Chest can be smooth, but simply de-bushed is fine.
Armpits, arms and legs should never be completely bald, but it is ok to trim.
You are not a porn star. The jewels should be trimmed but not shaved. Ballpark is less than an inch.

There is going to be a learning process, and probably some trial and error. It’s ok. If you keep a general goal of trying to achieve a natural, clean look, you’ll be fine.



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