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How To Properly Manscape For A Beach Visit

Vacation season is upon us! Beaches are welcoming visitors from near and far to partake in the ebbs and flows of their beautiful waters. While the fairer sex often figures out how to properly prep the body for swimsuit season from an early age, many men are left swimming against the currents, trying to get rid of rogue hairs without becoming bumpy or razor burned.

Fret not! Manscaping is something you can learn at any age. It only takes a few tools and a little guidance to convert your winter fur into summer-ready skin. Less clothing should mean less body hair, and we've got all the elements to get you there! Manscaped's The Perfect Package has everything you need to show off your pecs and tame your pubes with products specifically intended for your man parts.

Find a Balance Between the Adult You and Your Pre-Pubescent Self

You don't have to go completely hair-free (although, it's your body, so we're certainly not going to tell you not to!) Unless you're setting records in swimming competitions, a little hair is completely acceptable for grown ass men. The key is finding a balance between showcasing skin that looks like it's never seen puberty and eliminating the overgrowth that could cause you to look unkempt (or two generations older than you really are).

Before you start hacking away at your hairs, think about the final look you want to achieve. Bear in mind that, no matter how much hair you remove, you're not likely to steal that sexy 18-year-old away from her studly beau. A super-waxed exterior may work for that kid's six-pack structure, but you're a man, and it's time for you to embrace a bit of your primal side.

If you find a balance between a completely bald body and a look that could accidentally lead tourists to confuse you for a beach Yeti, you're on the right track.

How To Properly Manscape For A Beach Visit

Don't Bear Your Burdens on Your Back

Back hair has a bad attitude. It sneaks up without any warning, and before you know it, it's made friends, rooted its follicles, and made a wooly sweater out of the space beneath your shoulder blades. 

Back hair has a tendency to age you beyond your years, which can certainly put you out of the competition if you're single and searching when you're on the shore. If your back mat is a wicked mess, you'll want to trim it down at a minimum. Extra furry backs are one place where waxing can be a great idea. In any case, you don't want to do any back work -- trim, wax, or otherwise -- by yourself. See a professional for assistance so you don't land yourself in your chiropractor's office before you board the plane.

Be sure to keep it consistent. If you wax your back, you'll want to at least trim your chest so you don't have a furry forest on one side with a clearing on the other. Manscaped's The Lawn Mower is made for manly hair, cutting down on unsightly curly q's so you can confidently place your skin in the sun without constantly hiding beneath a t-shirt. This trimmer is high-powered, yet designed to fit comfortably right in the palm of your hand. Plus, the cordless battery element means you can chuck in a bag and take it with you wherever the summer winds blow.

Steer Clear of a Torn Scrotum

Did the mere idea of this title make you wince? You certainly don't want to find out what happens when waxing goes wrong below the belt. There are plenty of waxing professionals who are experienced with removing hair on and around the balls using wax, but you'll also hear lots of horror stories from professionals who won't partake in this part of body waxing.

Your scrotum's skin is paper thin. When you combine hot wax with the ripping motion necessary to pull the hair from the follicles, you're setting yourself up for an unpleasant experience that may discourage you from sitting for a few days.

Don't wanna risk it? We don't blame you!

Leave the wax for other, tougher parts of your body, and be a gentler on the body parts that surrounds your penis. Manscaped's products are designed to protect your nether region while simultaneously ensuring you emerge with a cleaner look the ladies (or fellas) will appreciate when the swim trunks find their way to the floor.

When you use the right products, your man parts will be protected from razor burn and cuts. Let's be honest, the only thing worse that a torn scrotum mid-wax is a man whose nuts incurred nicks as he worked his way around his southern hemisphere.

Making the Most of your Manscaping with Minimal Effort or Injuries

1. Place the Magic Mat on the floor where you'll be getting down and dirty with your curlies

You'll be surprised at the amount of hair you're about to shed when you really get going, and the last thing you want to do is figure out how to pick up tons of pubic hair that can easily get blown around and find themselves in other parts of your home. There are plenty embarrassing stories that can be told when pubes go rogues.

Instead, place the magic mat beneath your bathroom workstation. This disposable mat makes clean up easy, trapping the trimmings in a single place as they fall so you can simply roll it up and toss it when you're done.

2. Trim Your Tresses

If you're doing an all-over-body shave, it may be easiest to start at the top. Shave your chest and stomach with The Lawn Mower, since you can easily do that in the mirror. If you're shaving your back, it's time for a hand off. Buy your bro a case of beer for his efforts, or give your girlfriend a little something when your manscaping festivities are over for lending you an extra hand.

Now it's time to go down below. How low do you really want to go? Generally speaking, you want to be sure you at least get the hair that creeps above the band of your swim trunks. You can certainly go lower, but this is a solid starting point. Carefully guide The Lawnmower along the top ridge of your pelvis, working down as you see fit.

3. Get Real with Your Razor

Now it's time to take your trimmed fuzz to lower levels. You don't want to use a cheap razor when you're manscaping; you need a tool that's specifically built for the job. The Plow is a high-quality, double-sided razor that enables you to achieve a close, refined shave that'll leave your skin feeling ultra smooth.

4. Hop in the Shower

Now that the dry work's done, it's time to suds up. A hot shower will help the loose hairs find their way to the drain so you can emerge a new man, without being covered in fuzzy afterthoughts. It's time to lather up with Crop Cleanser. This uniquely formulated body wash is meant to get the grime away while moisturizing the sensitive skin that lives between your legs. It features Active pH Control, and contains soothing aloe and sea salt, making it the perfect cleanser for manscaping. It's an invigorating mix of elements your freshly shaven skin will appreciate.

5. Post-Shower Primp

The tough stuff is over. Now it's time to finish the package, get dressed, and feel like a million bucks. Before you step into your trunks or boxers, make sure you roll Crop Preserver over your balls to capture the freshness you just imparted into your life. This anti-chafing liquid talcum-like gel is the invention your balls have begged you to use for decades. Now, the power is yours!

One more step before you step into your trunks or your date-night suit -- splash some Crop Reviver along your lower half. Thanks to a  cooling combination of witch hazel and aloe, these ingredients seal the deal for a manscaping job well done!

6. Tweeze the Stubborn Guys

If you have a few weird hairs acting as shoulder pads, tweeze them to put them out of their misery. Random hairs can go rogue all over the place. Get the major pieces with wax, razors, and trimmers, and let your tweezers pick up the pieces.

Before you head to the beach, make sure you've got all your gear ready. Of course, we're not talking about your towel and trunks; we're referencing the tools you'll use when you're still in the comfortable confines of your home or hotel room. Take your hair to task by manscaping the right way so you can be ready for any after-swim activities that may take you by surprise. Frolicking in the sand can easily lead to frolicking between the sheets, and you don't want to find yourself in a hairy situation.

Manscaped is your place for everything related to your man parts. Shop our selection before you book your next beach vacation!



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