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How to Remain Fresh All Day

how to remain fresh all day

You know the normal stuff. Take a shower. Wash your clothes. Brush your teeth. As manscapers, we’re ready to delve deeper into the realm of freshness. Get out your notebook, because these are the tips you probably haven’t considered yet.


Once upon a time, U.S. Special Forces trained in the Philippines. A major part of this training was learning to evade capture, but for almost 20 years, the locals who participated had a 100 percent success rate in finding the American soldiers. When asked, they explained that they could smell the men, no matter where they went. They didn’t need dogs or special trackers; the B.O. was just that powerful. It turns out, dietary standards in the Philippines were (and still are) very different from those of the soldiers, and the difference was so great, Filipinos and Americans could smell each other. What’s the lesson here? Your diet, more than anything else, affects how you smell. By all means, stick to healthy foods, but if you make a change and result is repugnant, keep searching for a better food solution. Unfortunately, there is no single menu that yields perfect results. You’ll have to stick to trial and error here.


I’m not talking about your lungs here. One of the first benefits you’ll notice when you tame your body hair is that sweat and odor become far more manageable. You can take this a step further with your wardrobe. Clothes that properly breathe will keep you fresh a lot longer, regardless of how vigorous or stagnant your day might be.


For all of the attention you give yourself, sometimes you are inevitably going to work up a sweat. In the worst cases, you won’t have a chance to shower or change clothes. Long ago you learned the value of reapplying deodorant, so put that knowledge to further use. Deodorizing moisturizer is safe on any part of the body, so you can hit the sweaty and smelly parts as needed. While the junk is an obvious target, the small of the back, behind the knees and feet are also worthy locations. Just be smart and don’t use pit deodorant in these places. You’ve been warned.



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