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How to Safely Shave Your Anus Hair

We talk about shaving crotches a lot. We talk about shaving butts a little. What is rarely discussed is the delicate, perhaps artistic skillset required to shave the anus itself. We never judge anyone for getting this done by a professional (usually in the form of waxing), but we also acknowledge that a lot of you go-getters like to do things for yourselves. We won’t leave you to learn from trial and error. Save yourself some pain and learn how to shave your anus hair the right way.


Let’s be clear here. We aren’t talking about your ass cheeks. We aren’t discussing the length of your crack either. In this discussion, we’re zeroing in on the centerpiece. You might not be sure that you actually want to shave your anus. Maybe you’re a little scared. That’s reasonable. A cut anus is all kinds of bad. Maybe you can’t actually conceive of a way to do it. Where there’s a will there’s a way, gentlemen, and we’re going to provide that. But, before we get into the technical details, we need to have an important safety briefing.

We talk a lot about shaving the balls. Most of the questions we get from guys like you are about the balls. But, the anus is also important. If you don’t understand the value of a smooth anus in the bedroom, we feel bad for you. Regardless, a hairless butt hole is a cleaner butt hole, and there are a lot of non-sexual benefits to getting this job done.

More to the real point, the anus is a far greater challenge for your razor than your balls. Obviously, the balls are easier to reach and handle. What many men don’t even realize is that the skin around the anus is more delicate and more sensitive than that of your scrotum. As much as we are fans of shaving the hole, it needs to be taken seriously if you’re new to the game. A cut on the anus is a pain we hope you never understand.

how to safely shave your anus hair


We promise that we’ll get to technique in a minute. The importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated. We’ve mentioned that you shouldn’t shave your face and balls with the same razor. There’s merit to taking that approach to the anus and crotch. Some of you will disagree, but it’s important to understand the risk of infection. Whether you have a dedicated razor for your pooper or not, you need to keep your tools clean. This is an integral fact in how to safely shave your anus hair.

As you likely know, the swampy region under your shorts is a breeding ground for bacteria. Most of the time, that bacteria is harmless. If, however, it can get under your skin, it can cause extremely uncomfortable infections. Now, multiply that risk by the stuff that comes out of your butt. We’re talking about e coli and some other serious bugs. Again, they’re usually harmless, but since you’re bringing a razor into the equation, cleanliness is essential.

Here’s where we get to the nitty-gritty. A lot of publications will suggest showering before you shave your ass. That does help with cleanliness, but even a hearty shower doesn’t truly create a sterile environment. Others will one-up that advice and say you should shave in the shower. This is the one time you don’t want to risk slipping while you’re working. When we get into optimal technique for reaching your anus, you’ll see that doing this in a shower is not practical.

Instead, we offer a simple solution. Shower after you shave. As long as you keep your razor clean and have good basic hygiene, you aren’t increasing any risk of infection. More importantly, if you do have a mishap, you have the opportunity to properly scrub and treat the cut. It’s basic first aid, and we have faith you can handle it. Although, we might need to start researching specialty anus band-aids.

In all seriousness, it’s simple. Use an antiseptic on your blade after every anal shave and clean yourself properly in the shower. That’s enough to reduce the risk of infection.


The other half of this equation is predictable: don’t cut your anus in the first place. That, of course, boils down to technique. This is why a lot of you are here, so we’re going to get into it.

The first thing to understand about an anal shave is that it can get messy -- especially if it’s the first. Before you get into position, cover the floor with a Magic Mat. It just makes life easier.

Ok, with that out of the way, you want to begin your anal shave with a trim. While that’s true for all shaving, this one is a little different. We put a lot of effort into making The Lawn Mower 3.0 safe, but the anus is so delicate that the heat from the motor is enough to cause discomfort. Moreover, an unguarded blade will make mincemeat of your flesh. The goal here is to gingerly trim back long hairs without initiating direct contact between the head of the trimmer and your anus. Achieving this can be a little tricky.

Positioning is key. The starting position is a basic squat. Some guys prefer to have their back against a wall for stability and others don’t. You’ll just have to see what you prefer. Either way, you want your knees to be up to your chin. This will position the anus optimally for you to be able to reach it without trouble. But, you’re still going to have trouble with visibility. To counter that, just place a hand mirror on the floor. Also, wash it when you’re done.

With one hand on the trimmer, the other has two options. It can either help stabilize your balance or you can use it to work a comb. With a comb, you can be more precise with your hair trimming. But, some guys (even among we manscaping experts) don’t have the natural balance for that. You’ll know whether or not you have a free hand long before you start cutting any hair. 

Shaving will follow a similar format. You want some shaving gel (the milder the better). Get a good bit of lubrication going before you apply your safety razor to flesh. It’s usually best to start on the cheeks and work your way towards the anus. This gives you a little time to acclimate to the squatting posture and get everything under control. From there, you can work your way between the cheeks and to the anus itself. You’ll find that the squatting posture already pulls things apart, so most of you won’t need a second hand just to gain access.

When shaving, it’s all about short strokes and patience. We aren’t going balls deep into our own asses here. Just take your time and slowly work the area. Once you’ve had a few successful shaves, you’ll feel more comfortable and can go a little faster, but carelessness will sting you. In your ass. Literally.

The other thing to keep in mind when learning how to safely shave your anus hair is that you don’t need excessive pressure to shave your ass. That’s why we recommend a two-edge safety razor in the first place. The design makes pressure shaving necessary and will force you into better techniques that are safe and gentle on your peach.

how to safely shave your anus hair

After the Shave

As we mentioned, you want to follow your shave with a warm shower. You’ll want to scrub the shaved areas liberally but not aggressively. Just lather up some Crop Cleanser and gently apply a circular scrub to the region. It should go without saying that you should be using a washcloth or similar device. As long as there are no major cuts, this should be sufficient to protect you from any of that bad bacterial news we already discussed. If there is a major cut (sorry, brother!), you’ll want to apply antiseptic and a salve after your shower. It will burn, but it’s necessary.

Post shower, the routine is the same. Pat dry and give yourself an application of Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. They’re still important for skincare, but you’ll want to be careful around the anus itself the first time. It can be a little more sensitive (yes, that’s an understatement), so you want to be sure they won’t agitate the flesh with direct contact. If so, application around the area is sufficient. But, if you can take it right on the hole, it’ll help restore the skin that much faster.

That sums up our anal shaving lecture. This should be enough to get you started. If, however, you still feel you need more information, we always make everything we know available at



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