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November 07, 2017

How to Shave Balls so They're Silky Smooth

Silky smooth balls are the ultimate goal of any refined gentleman. The benefits are numerous, the accolades plentiful, and the ladies appreciative.

We at Manscaped are experts at smoothing out the area known as the cajones, the boys, the family jewels, nuts, balls, etc., etc. -- no matter what you call them, they're what make you a man! The problem? Many of you don't know how to shave your balls, so you just let them grow wild. Now, that's a big no-no that will get you nowhere. Another issue is the testicle skin. It's not like regular skin. It can contract and expand depending on the temperature and on your activity. It's extra sensitive, so treat it like the special skin it is!

Now, let us help you beautify your manhood. Follow the steps below.

If it's your first time manscaping, take out the bulk of the hair around your junk by using The Lawn Mower. Remember to just hover around the sack -- You never want to make direct contact! 

Once you've de-bushed your bush, it's time to pull out The Plow, our stylin' single blade double-edge razor. This is when you refine. First thing: Get in the shower. Shampoo, and do what you you need to do. Then, while in the shower, grab The Plow firmly in your hand (the water and Crop Cleanser help lubricate your skin), pull the area of the skin you want to shave taut, and carefully start to shave with slow, short strokes, almost like you're painting -- gentle and steady. The main thing to remember is GO WITH THE GRAIN of the hair! This will reduce the chance of nicks or cuts. Believe us, you do NOT want to cut your nuts!

Once you're satisfied with the length and appearance of your balls, make sure to wash the hair down the drain to ensure squeaky clean balls (don't squeeze them to see if they squeak, though).

Once you hop out of the shower, admire yourself, then apply Crop Preserver. These miracle deodorant/moisturizer is a talcum gel that goes on dry, and keeps your boys dry, moisturized, and smelling fresh! Use this every time you come out of the shower -- It will keep your junk smelling not-so-junky the entire day!

After you're done applying Crop Preserver, and your nuts are nice and dry, then spritz with Crop Reviver. This allover body toner is the ultimate finishing touch. It's super refreshing, lightly scented, and ph Balanced to keep your skin healthy. Use throughout the day whenever your manhood needs a refresh.

 Now go out and conquer the day with the smoothest balls in town!

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