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How to Shave Your Back Hair like a Boss

We’ve never been shy about telling you slobs that you need a smooth back. The problem is, maintaining a smooth back isn’t easy. We’ve mentioned different tips and tricks in the past, but at the end of the day, a lot of you are going to have no choice other than to tackle your mane with a razor. Today, we’re going to help you learn how to do that safely and effectively. In other words, we're going to school you on how to shave your back like a boss.

A Friend in Need

Let’s be real. Your monkey body can’t even scratch an itch on your back without help. You really think you’ll master shaving with no assistance? We understand that it isn’t always easy to ask someone to help you shave your back. It can feel awkward. It’s one of the reasons we’re not totally against getting your back waxed. Still, there are times when you need to handle shaving yourself, so if you have a trusted partner in this endeavor, it will make life a lot safer and easier. That said, the rest of our advice will assume you don’t have a friend, so keep that in mind. 

Watch for Hazards

Your back has a lot of real estate as far as shaving goes. That means there’s plenty of space to come across a zit, mole, skin tag or other form of uneven skin. Any of you who have been shaving for more than a day understand how this poses a risk. First, it’s obvious that you need a good mirror system for this process. Usually a handheld or mountable mirror in tandem with a large bathroom mirror is sufficient. Keep a sharp eye for those hazardous skin extras and shave very gingerly around them.

When you do come across these irregularities, you have to make a decision. You can try to very carefully shave across the bump, or you can just shave around it and not run the razor directly on the raised skin. The latter is the safer choice, and if you pair your shaving efforts with a close trim, it’s usually good enough. Naturally, the biggest determining factor here is how hard the spot is to reach.

how to shave your back like a boss

Match the Drapes

Manscaping technique is important, and we’ll cover plenty more of that today. But, if you want to shave like a boss, you also need to have a good aesthetic plan. The rule of thumb for manscaping is to have a bare back. A clear majority of women prefer clean backs, and it’s one of those places where you can’t really do interesting design stuff with back hair. If it’s thick enough for that, it probably looks pretty gross.

All of that said, if your back is the only smooth part of your body, it’s going to look weird. That’s doubly true if you sport a mountain man beard. The trick, as always, is to build some kind of consistency and flow to your style. If your back, butt and shoulders are all bare, then you also need to have tamed pits and a potentially smooth chest. If your chest isn’t completely hairless, it should at least be well-trimmed.

Focus Areas

Even with a clear plan on your overall manscaping, the back itself offers diversity. For starters, back hair tends not to grow evenly. You’ll find yourself tackling various tufts in different locations. And, while you do want to aim for uniformity, you might find yourself compromising your efforts when some spots are just plain hard to reach.

Thankfully, the most important spots are reachable for most guys. The center of the shoulder blades is by far the most out of reach location, but it’s often less hairy for dudes. Even it yours is bushy, a close trim might be sufficient. The locations that should be more diligently shaved are the back of your neck (which a barber can handle if you struggle), the shoulders (usually the easiest part to reach), the small of the back and the butt. For most fellas, those are all self-service accessible.

Putting it Into Practice

At this point in the blog, we often take a few minutes to explain the basic manscaping routine. We’re going to do that again, but this time, it’s all about the back. We’ll take you through the steps, in order, and highlight techniques and tips that will help you take care of your back.

Trim First

It’s something most of you know, but we’ll emphasize it for clarity. A great shave is always preceded by a good trim (unless you’re doing a maintenance shave). There are two things that help you improve your trimming game: the Lawn Mower 2.0 and the Magic Mat. The uses of each should be easy and apparent without an explanation.

The one thing to remember when you trim your back is that this is the compensation for potentially inadequate shaving. That’s not a dig; the back is simply the hardest part of your body to shave. That means you need to be more diligent about trimming your back than many other parts of your body, and if you struggle to negotiate grooming help, getting a partner to handle the unreachable trimming spots will go a long way.

 How to Shave

You might notice that we have only mentioned trimming so far. Shaving is the true second step. That means you should do it before you shower, and that brings us to an important point. You definitely want a shaving lubricant for your back. Since you’re going to shave after, it’s ok if you apply the lube liberally.

When you do apply blade to skin, you want to focus on small areas. As we mentioned before, the back should be tackled one patch of hair at a time. The design of the Plow will help you focus on small, controlled strokes that are far less likely to cause cuts and nicks. While you’re at it, you’re also going to discover that you can’t shave your whole back from one angle. The grain shifts, tilts and sometimes swirls. Typically in shaving, you want to go with the grain to minimize irritation, but your back might force you to break the rules. The true rule to follow here is to do what it takes to succeed. What matters is a smooth finish, and the following steps will help with that.


Shower Well

After the grooming portion of your session has finished, you need to take a shower. A shower after a back shave will be different from your average cleansing. The biggest thing to understand is that your back needs to be exfoliated after a shave. The other thing to realize is that exfoliating your back is challenging. Fortunately, there are tools to help. Long exfoliating tools (they look like coarse towels or long brushes) are available and will handle this problem.

The trick is to lather the exfoliating tool with an ample supply of Crop Cleanser. Then you want to gently but deliberately exfoliate the whole of your back. While you do, Crop Cleanser will apply its formula and help your back recover from the stresses of shaving. The Active pH Control will restore the protective barrier around your skin, and the great scent will leave you smelling wonderful out of the shower.

Follow Through

If you’ve followed us at all, you know that a shower is followed by an application of Crop Preserver. Now, that’s a ball deodorant, and it is specifically designed to be gentle on your nuts. That said, an application after a shave on your back is perfectly acceptable. It will help reduce any inflammation and it will help you back stay dry after the shave. Something most guys don’t realize until they experience it is that shaving your back actually makes your back hotter at first. The hair can actually help keep shirts from clinging, and that improves airflow. Until you adapt to being shaved, the lack of hair creates a few challenges. The formula of Crop Preserver will combat this clinginess and keep your back from getting soaked. That said, you don’t need to apply it to your back on a regular basis. Just after a shave is usually fine.

As for Crop Reviver, its formula is perfectly safe on your back, and it can help protect you from ingrown hairs. Truth be told, you can spray Crop Reviver pretty much anywhere except your eyes and mouth. It’s super gentle, and while it’s tuned for the crotch, it’s good for skin and hair pretty much everywhere.

Alright, boss. You’re ready. You now know how to shave your back. If you want similar advice for other parts of your body, you can find it at Until next time, stay fresh, and don't look like this guy:

how to shave your back like a boss



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