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How to Shave Your Balls Without Itching

If you haven’t ever shaved your balls yet, there’s something important that every veteran wants to tell you. It has nothing to do with cutting yourself. No, the biggest issue with shaved balls is that they can itch fiercely. It’s a fiery burn that will completely ruin your day. For some guys, it ruins a couple of days. Every man who has experience wants to help the rest avoid it. We’re no different, so today we’re going to address crotch itch. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be equipped to reduce this problem, and hopefully, you’ll think of it as nothing more than an urban legend.

Facing Itch Directly

Knowing is still half the battle, guys. You aren’t going to defeat ball itch unless you understand what causes it. For the most part, itchiness related to manscaping will be because of the condition of the hair, the condition of the skin or the presence of an irritant. If it’s not one of those three, it’s probably a skin infection, and that is a topic for another day. So, let’s discuss the primary causes of itching and what proper men's grooming products can do about them.

Scruffy Hair 

When you have scruff on your face, it might not itch at all. All of the hair is through the surface of the skin, and while it could be scratchy to touch, it’s not itchy. That leads a lot of guys to overlook the sandpaper effect the first time they shave their balls. Unlike your face, your balls regularly come into contact with other skin, and that skin grows hair. If you cut that hair too short, it’s going to be just like your facial scruff. You’ll have that sandpaper feeling rubbing into your balls all day long. It’s miserable.

Most guys figure out how to deal with this pretty quickly, but since it’s one of the worst sensations, and it’s easy to fix, it’s a good starting point. You defeat sandpaper hair by leaving it longer. Keep in mind, the length of hair on your sack is immaterial in this case. What matters is how short everything is around the balls: namely the chode and upper thigh. When you groom these areas, leave the hair just long enough that it isn’t scratchy. You can achieve this by using the shortest cutting guard with The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer.

the lawn mower 3.0.

Ingrown Hair 

With the easy problem out of the way, we have to come to the most common issue. Ingrown hairs — or razor bumps — itch like fire. Whoever invented the saying “ants in your pants” probably came up with it after shaving their balls. This issue is completely different from scruffy hair. The ingrown hair problem happens when you shave.

Now, the easy way to avoid this problem is to never shave your balls, but some of us like the smooth feeling. More importantly, a lot of women like shaved balls. If we have to choose between a day or two of itchiness or a lifetime without the delights of the female mouth, it’s pretty easy for most guys. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose. 

There are two things you need to do to minimize the itchiness that comes from hair growing back after a shave. You need to moisturize the skin and condition the body hair. You’ll try to tackle the first with lotion, but that actually gets pretty awkward. Your balls aren’t really designed to have thick, oily lotion rubbed into them. Instead, you want something designed for the male anatomy. Crop Preserver is the ideal moisturizer. While it is titled as a deodorant, one of its chief purposes is to make sure your skin stays soft after grooming. This covers the first step. 

As for conditioning, that is extremely tricky. How do you condition hair that is below the surface of your skin? The answer is Crop Reviver toner. This revitalizing toner is intended to help hair stay soft even at its shortest. When you use the two formulas, you’ll find that itchiness fades away. At least as far as hair re-growth is concerned, these tools will take care of you.

manscaped formulations

Damaged Skin

If you judge by symptoms alone, it is nearly impossible to tell if your itch is from the hair or damaged skin. They feel pretty much the same, but because the underlying cause is completely different, they don’t have identical solutions. When you shave, you do some rough things to your skin. You scrape away the acid barrier that protects you from a lot of bad things. You also cause a bunch of micro-fissures in the flesh.

Now, Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver both help with damaged skin. They have our special Active pH Control that works to restore the damaged barrier, and they work on moisture control to keep your skin from getting dry. That said, they work a whole lot better when you take an extra step before applying them. When you shower with Crop Cleanser hair and body wash, you begin healing damaged skin almost immediately. It gets your pH balance back to where it should be. It also enables you to get after any bacteria or fungi that want to hide in those micro-fissures. Add a moisturizing element, and you can see how a shower after your shave can go a long way.

When you use all three elements together, you’ll pretty much reduce skin damage and the itch that comes with it.

General Irritation 

The last thing that causes itchy balls is beyond silly. It’s frustrating how many guys suffer from this when it’s actually the easiest thing in the whole world to fix. We’re talking about irritants on the skin. When you shave, you leave short, bristly hair all over the place. The hair that sticks to your skin will irritate you and make you itch. You shouldn’t need us to tell you how to fix the problem. Just take a shower. Even if you don’t use soap (which you really should), a proper rinse is enough for this one. If you itch because of hair on your balls, you’re lazy and gross.

Putting It All Together

Ok. You know what causes most of the itchiness after a bit of male grooming. You also know how to treat each issue. If we weave all of this into the context of a general manscaping routine, you’ll find it very easy to prevent itchy balls. Really, it all comes down to hygiene.

The first thing you’re going to do is the actual grooming. Trim, then shave, but both should be done on a Magic Mat shaving mat. This little reminder should help you avoid some of the mess. After you have done your grooming, it’s time for a shower.

how to shave your balls without itching

This shower should be warm but not hot, and you want to keep the length down. Long and hot showers both contribute to dry skin, so you’ll be creating a new problem even while you solve the original issue. When you shower, you’re obviously going to wash with Crop Cleanser, but that isn’t the whole story. You need to exfoliate. This gentle scrubbing will ensure that you get all of the little hair clippings. It also clears pores and skin while simultaneously massaging the good parts of the formula into the skin. It’s basically a technique to maximize the effectiveness of your soap.

When you’re done with the shower, you should pat dry. This is especially important after grooming. We already told you that shaving damaged your skin’s protective barrier. The last thing you want to do is wipe away the new layer you just added in the shower. A gentle pat will absorb the water without irritating your skin. Once you are dry, rub some ball deodorant into the shaved skin and surrounding area. It dries quickly. This literally takes about a minute. Top it off with a couple of spritzes of Crop Reviver, and you’re all set. 

When you craft your manscaping around a healthy routine, you set yourself up for success. Going the full nine yards does so much more than give you a pretty bush. It amplifies your health (especially below the belt) to make you feel as amazing as you look. When you have the cool, free feeling of a manscaped lower body without the itch that sometimes plagues manscaping men, you get the best of every world. And, when you’re ready to take your game even further, you’ll find everything you need at It has more than amazing tools. It has knowledge.



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