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How to Stop Sweaty Balls

how to stop sweaty balls

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. Your balls reek. You know they do, and don’t pretend this is some kind of gym funk that will be excused because, “at least you’re getting exercise.” You need to tame that smell, especially if you ever want a partner to be involved with a little play down there. We know it’s tough. Several layers of clothing and some of the worst anatomic design on any species makes it impossible to prevent a swamp situation, sometimes even in the coldest winters. For a man who spends time working out and taking care of himself, the task can feel impossible. Don’t despair. You can tackle nature’s worst natural aroma in two easy steps.

Get the Trimmers

It’s simple science. Hair traps sweat and bacteria and enhances the conditions that cause dank odors. Even worse, smells cling to the hair, even when you wash. Some speculate that this truth is the origin behind manscaping as a whole. Now, this is not draft to call you into the ranks of the genitally bald, but you need to get that bush under control. A good set of trimmers will give you the power to tackle your hidden hair, and once it’s down to a reasonable length, you’re halfway to winning the battle against junk funk. While you’re at it, don’t forget the hair on your buttocks and in between. It contributes. You can take our word for it.

Deodorant Is Your Friend

Whoa! Hold up. Before you grab a speed stick and start rubbing it all over yourself, let me save you from some pain. That stuff is spicy and it will hurt. Thankfully, products exist that are designed around the sensitivity of your jewels. A nice ball deodorant will mitigate any stench, even in the sweaty heat of summer, so you’ll always be ready for a little action. If the deodorant can moisturize while it’s working down there, that’s even better. If you can deodorize your pits, it only makes sense to do the same for your balls. If we’re being honest, they usually smell a lot worse anyways.



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