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How to Trim Your Groin Hair Safely

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to Trim Your Groin Hair Safely

Maybe you’re finally ready. You’ve seen the below-the-waist male grooming trend explode, and you’re going to jump in and start trimming your pubes and give your groin a new lease on life. Maybe you’ve already started, and you’re just trying to up your game. Perhaps you still have a few reservations about taking a trimmer or razor to your ball sack. That’s understandable. Let’s sweep those away. Below-the-waist male grooming) is essential to the modern man. Women and men have made it clear that they prefer a trimmed groin and a managed, fit body. If you want to get lucky, you have to put in the leg (and groin, haha) work. Beyond that, the research has shown that men who groom are more confident and more successful in their personal and professional lives. So don’t you think it’s time to manage that ridiculous bush of yours? We do. Say goodbye to the 1970s and welcome to the 21st century, where men are trimmed and confident. 

It starts with a simple trim, and when you follow our advice, you can tackle it with little worry about cutting yourself or looking ridiculous. 

Open Scissors - Always Use The Right Tools For The Job

Learn from the Ladies

Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we, gentlemen? Women have been handling their land down under for a lot longer than men—thousands of years, to be somewhat exact. While there are apparent differences between the sexes, we can learn some essential lessons from their time in the grooming trenches. The most important of these lessons is skincare. While skincare application differs between men and women, keeping things moisturized, and free of agitation goes a long way for managing pubic hair for both men and women. 

In practice, this means you should wash your stuff just before and after a trim. Having clean, dry hair follicles makes them easier to manage and helps you get your trim the length you want. Smoother skin creates less irritation and enables you to avoid snags and discomfort. Achieving all of this is simple. Wash with Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wash from MANSCAPED™ regularly. This hair and body wash is effective, yet not too harsh, on your skin down there. After trimming and shaving, apply a moisturizing ball deodorant like Crop Preserver™, then a spritz of Crop Reviver™ toner whenever you maintain your man parts. The moisturizing deodorant will hydrate your skin and keep it from sweating and stinking all over the place. And Crop Reviver is like giving your balls a long drink of water when they’re thirsty. Refreshing is the word. That should take care of it for most guys. But let’s talk about how to trim your groin hair safely in more detail.

Cutting Technique

While we did learn from the experience of our female counterparts, not all of their lessons apply. We have different parts, so these different parts necessitate different techniques. When they groom, ladies might prefer pubic hair scissors or a lady razor, while we avoid them at all cost. Women also often use a comb to tease the pubes out and make them easier to cut. We need our spare hand to manage our junk and keep it clear. Women often sit to trim and shave. The existence of male reproductive parts forces us to stand, kneel, or squat. Ok, you probably shouldn’t squat like you’re doing squats at the gym. You don’t want to get tired and start shaking mid-task. Shaking doesn’t help when trying to trim your groin hair safely. '

Use The Lawn Mower 4.0

Instead, we can replace those tools and concepts with our own. Trade scissors for The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 trimmer from MANSCAPED; this compact electric trimmer is not only cordless, but it’s designed specifically to shave male anatomy. You can tell just by holding it in your hand. It minimizes the risk of cuts or other accidents, and it has multiple length settings. Speaking of those settings, always start on the longest if it’s your first time. We often have to inform newbies of this: very short pubic hair is prickly, and it will irritate your balls (and anyone’s hands who are touching them). The only remedy is to let it grow, and that can take a while, so ease your way down to the ideal length. Luckily, The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer gives you this option.

Shaving Techniques

As for the technique itself, there is no real mystery or hidden secret. Run the trimmer gently over your pubes while being careful of your man bits. Even though you want to have a clean groin when you start, it’s easier to trim dry hair than wet. Shaving might be easier in the shower, but until you have a good feel, trimming is best done elsewhere, which is why we recommend trimming and shaving on dedicated shaving mats before heading into the shower to wash those pesky pubes away. 

Clean-Up After Your Mess

That brings us to an important concept: cleanup. Pubes are wild little beasts. You learned that the two times you actually cleaned your bathroom. Trimming is going to be a huge hassle unless you have a plan from the start. The Magic Mat from Manscaped simplifies the plan. Trim your stuff while you’re situated above the mat. It’ll catch the pubes so you can roll it up and throw it out. Simple.

That’s really all there is to it. Not too difficult, is it? Your instincts will lead you to protect your junk, and you’ll be fine. We think most men instinctually know how to trim your groin hair safely, but this piece is for those who don’t and those who need a refresher. How to trim your groin hair safely is one of life’s must-have skills—one that fathers should teach, older brothers, and male grooming companies like MANSCAPED, dedicated to beautifying a man’s junk since its existence.

The Bigger Picture

The real tips and tricks you need aren’t just about trimming your balls. What you need to learn is that trimming your groin hair safely only part of the story. Manicuring your junk and leaving the rest of your body unkempt sends a bad message. One that shows you have a blatant disconnect between your junk and the rest of your body. It is the rest of your body that truly sends the message you want. Trimmed pubes just deliver the final chapter, and most people you interact with will never read it. What matters is that you learn from the experience of trimming your balls and apply it to the rest of your body. Got it? Trimmed, deliberately managed body hair presents a clean look that people will notice. It also will make you feel cleaner and sharper than you ever have in your life. Not only that, it will invite others (potential significant others) to be curious about your below-the-waist trimmed goods. It’s time to experiment and be a better you, don’t you think?

Don’t Forget Your Nails

We aren’t going into full detail on the total package of male grooming. We have guides for that, and you can find them on our website. Instead, we’re going to take a quick moment to remind you about your nails. So many men put in a full effort only to forget the nails and ruin the whole thing. No one wants to see jagged, overgrown cuticles and badly-cut nails. The Shears is a kit with every tool you’ll need for your nails and more. Learn to use each, and get a round, smooth finish on your nails without stepping into a nail salon. It will complete the look and feel you want. Better yet, it’ll make handling your junk a better experience. That’ll help when you trim your groin, as well as. . . other times. You get the picture, we’re sure.

Now You Know How To Groom Your Groin Safely

In the end, grooming is a means to an end (pun intended). This “end” ends up in your bedroom. Not just that: You want to look and feel more attractive in your day-to-day interactions with everyone. Grooming will do that for you. We can guarantee it. With improved attractiveness will come an increase in general comfort and outward confidence. Male grooming isn’t just following a trend to keep up in the dating world. It is a transformative experience that will help you achieve your goals. If you still have any doubts or uncertainty, spend some time on MANSCAPED.COM. Getting to know the precision tools available can give you comfort that you’ll be able to handle the unique challenges of your body. Get to know how to trim your groin hair safely. We also go to great lengths to make the fruits of our experience available to everyone. Follow some of our guides and tips, and you’ll be a master groomer.




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