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April 26, 2018

How To Use A Mirror To Shave Under Your Balls

Buckle up, kiddies. Today, we’re jumping into the deep end. You’ve had enough of the basics. It’s time to learn some advanced manscaping technique to better master your craft. Today, we’re going to discuss the finer points of using a mirror to shave some of the tricky spots. Then, we’ll help you see how to fit it all into the greater context of manscaping and help you find a routine that prevents shaving from begetting misery. Let’s take the guesswork out of mirror work.

how to use a mirror to shave under your balls

The Mirror Technique

So, you’re ready. Your drawers are dropped. You’re standing over your Magic Mat, and your Plow safety razor is firmly in hand. Sure, you can get the obvious stuff. You know how to create nice lines around the happy trail and above your junk. But, how do you get the tricky areas? The mirror technique is no great secret. Obviously, you want to use a visual aid to get the nooks and crannies of your nether regions. Still, some specific technical points can mean the difference between a beautifully manscaped manhood and a complete disaster.

It starts with mirror placement. Odds are, you’re using a hand mirror. It’s a natural choice. For the bulk of this exercise, you’ll have the mirror in one hand and the razor in the other. You can make some good progress this way, and you can trust your intuition. This method stops working when you suddenly need a third hand to actually manage the balls and maneuver things down there. There are several philosophies on how to handle this problem. Some guys get crafty with suction cups and mounts so they can adjust their mirror every which way. Others just lay it on the floor. This can work in a pinch, but you’re going to be getting your mirror dirty.

The easiest solution is the simplest. Think about smartphone stands. No, this isn’t a recommendation to make your phone a substitute for your mirror. That can get gross and expensive in a hurry. Instead, steal the concept. Most phone stands are simple little devices that let the phone sit at an angle. You can use virtually anything to achieve the same with your mirror. A folded hand towel or washcloth is probably the easiest choice, but don’t let us stand in the way of your ingenuity. Just pick something that gets the job done. This makes it easy to angle the mirror as needed to see what you’re doing, and any shavings that do hit the mirror can potentially slide off harmlessly.

Now that you have a free hand, it’s a lot easier to keep the skin taut and move your stuff around. This brings us to the final part of this advanced lesson: the taint. We’ve focused on the balls so far, but you can’t discuss one without acknowledging the other. We may have an advanced tutorial for the taint down the road, but the main point here is simple: taint curlies should be shorter than those on your balls. It’s not quite a universal law, but it’s a safe rule to follow. The crux of all of this is that a ball shaving session should include the taint, and these mirror tips will apply to that as well. Here’s one more free tip. If managing your taint is tricky, lower the toilet lid and sit on it. You can still arrange your Mat to collect the shavings, but you might find the general mechanics of it all a little easier.

how to use a mirror to shave under your balls

Fitting in the Rest

We glossed over something important when it comes to how to use a mirror to shave under your balls. Unless you’re staying on top of things, your shave should be preceded by a trim. It prevents razor clog, keeps the blades sharp and dramatically reduces the risk of nicks and cuts. While this is obvious to most manscapers, we felt it important to remind you to start your routine correctly: with The Lawn Mower electric trimmer. With that in mind, we’re going to discuss the rest of your typical routine and relay it back to the impact it has on your advanced shaving practices.

After you’ve done your Plowing, you should always take a shower. This doesn’t seem obvious to all guys because so many just wash their face after a traditional shave. Well, just splashing some water and aftershave on your junk won’t really get the job done. You just brutalized your balls and taint with a razor. As great as the Plow is, it still involves scraping hard steel against the most sensitive part of your body. A warm shower is the first reprieve from this onslaught. The warm water starts by softening hair follicles. This minimizes the onset of razor bumps and general irritation. A good scrub with some Crop Cleanser removes shavings that cause intense itching and helps moisturize the abraded skin.

Once you are clean, pat the shaved skin dry. Rubbing it with a towel so soon after battle can undo much of the good of your shower. After you pat dry, don’t rush into your pants. You still have work to do. A healthy application of some ball deodorant is the next step. This should be part of your routine whether you shave or not, but after a shave, you’ll find nothing compares to the soothing touch of a little talcum. The Crop Preserver supplies that talcum in a carefully crafted formula that promotes genital health across the board. We’re not saying it’ll make you larger and more virile, but it certainly won’t hurt. On a more serious note, it’s designed to help the good bacteria and defend against the bad.

The Crop Preserver is ultimately only a partial treatment. It should be followed by The Crop Reviver. This little spritz is engineered to compliment the specific formula of The Crop Preserver. Reviver’s primary goals are to enable healthy moisture levels and restore a proper pH balance to the skin. Most guys don’t realize this, but when you shave, you actually scrape away a thin acidic layer that is your body’s first natural defense against infection. Crop Reviver can quickly erase that damage and leave you healthier than when you started. It’s easy to use, but skipping it can set back your manscaping goals by weeks.

how to use a mirror to shave under your balls

Beyond Grooming

You’re having an educational day. You took some beginning steps into a more advanced look at manscaping. You learned about how that more detailed approach is increasingly dependent on your good habits. You even saw that what you do after shaving is often more important than how you handle the razor. We can complete this lesson by showing you a final component of manscaping that still eludes too many amateurs.

If the point of manscaping is to look and feel healthier, and maybe even improve your success in the bedroom, then it isn’t enough just to remove some unsightly hair. You have to commit to the lifestyle. This means sticking with your workout regime even when you have good excuses not to. It means learning to throw a proper gentleman’s dinner party. It means educating yourself professionally, personally and philosophically to demonstrate that you are more than a blundering Neanderthal. It means learning style and presentation worthy of an artistic, aspiring manscaper such as yourself. While you’re thinking about shining your shoes and how to properly match an outfit, you’re forgetting something painfully obvious: your nails.

Toenails are criminally easy to hide, and as such, many men neglect them. Whether you were reluctant to acknowledge the benefit of shaving your balls or an early adopter, you still probably undervalue good nail care. What a shame it would be to put in all of this effort and then drive away a beautiful partner at the last minute because she finally caught a glimpse of your scraggly feet. The same notion can apply to your fingernails. You probably never think about them, but we promise, women always notice.

Both of these problems have a simple solution. With a single nail kit, better known as The Shears, you can upgrade your nail care. Instead of bludgeoning them into box-like shapes with dull, discount clippers, you can utilize a professional tool set to do the job the right way. It’s all simpler than it looks, and with relatively little study, you can have smooth nails that are impressive to prospective sexual partners. Even better, you won’t be stabbing them with your brittle toe claws when you tumble around the sheets.

We just hit you with a lot of information. It’s still not the whole story. If you really want it all, you can find the tools at Manscaped.com. You can find the advice in the rest of our archives. Everything mentioned briefly here is carefully detailed there, so you never have to forge your own way through the darkness again.

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