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How To Wear Shorts

It’s only about to get hotter and the last thing you’ll want to do is wear pants! Throwing on a pair of shorts is a simple solution but styling it isn’t! Here are some helpful tips on styling shorts for summer.


Don’t wear short shorts - Some of you may disagree, but short shorts don’t work for most people. In fact, it's pretty unattractive. Make sure your shorts should never be shorter than an inch or two above the knee! The best length is and inch or two below your fingertips, when your arms are at your side.

Jean/denim shorts work for virtually no one - Jean shorts are not easy to wear for most men. You may want to pass on this trend if you can’t find the perfect pair. Make sure they’re not too baggy or too tight. Also, length is particularly important with this style! Avoid cut-offs and distressed styles!

Pair them with street sneakers - You don't want to look like you’re going to the gym, so pick a hair of sneakers that are meant for street wear! Check out our “How to Style Sneakers” blog post for more tips!

Say no to Cargo - Repeat after us “ Cargo is for camping”. Seriously, unless you’re going camping, keep those things at home. They can seriously age you and they’re not as classic as you may think!

Choose more structured or thick material - Don’t wear basketball shorts unless you’re heading to the gym. You want casual shorts that have a thicker and more structured material. These are modern and can be styles with virtually anything. They are great for going from the beach to the bar!

No logos or embellishments - You’re not a kid anymore, so don’t get shorts with large logos and crazy embellishments on them. We know that 90’s trend is back, but patches, chains,  and all the other embellishments are tacky and dated. Keep it simple and standout with how you style your shorts.



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