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Is It Time for You to Be Bold and Go Bald?

is it time to be bold and go bald

There comes a time in many men's lives when they must look in the mirror and really try to get ahead of their hairline situations. Although some men are lucky enough not to face the follicle struggle, thinning hair is incredibly common. In fact, some might argue there are more men roaming the earth with thinning hair than their full-headed counterparts.

If your scalp has started to bare itself to the world at large, how do you decide if it's time to be bold and go bald?

Family Trees and Follicle Stories

Like most other things in life, your family tree may help guide your appearance inquisitions, particularly if male-pattern baldness tends to run in your genes.

Is your hairline starting to show signs of Uncle Bob's interesting 'do? If so, this might be your clue.

Step back and take a look at some of the males in your family on both sides of the family tree. Some may have gracefully gone bald, others may have stayed in a state of denial a bit too long. In either case, their face shapes and baldness patterns should give you some direction.

Empower External Powers

If you're trying to achieve a more powerful stance, a bald head might boost your appeal to the next level. Men with shiny helmets often exude increased self-esteem (either real or perceived -- it really doesn't matter!) Not only are you likely to attract members of the opposite sex (or same-sex partners, as they case may be) with your boosted confidence, The Wall Street Journal reports that bald heads tend to reflect masculinity, and dominance, both of which are often characteristics of good leaders.

Give it that Sexy Shine

Even if your partner (or someone you may meet in the future) prefers to run their fingers through lush, thick locks, it doesn't mean super smooth and shiny bald skin can't make them swoon. In fact, a well-manicured slick head is arguably far more attractive than combed-over leftover hair, and once your other person gets used to sliding hands over your head, the days of luscious locks will no longer be longed for. The key is keeping up with your bald 'do so it does some favors for you!

Have you already made the decision to rock out with a style created by a razor blade? Give your fellow follically-challenged readers an insight into your bold and bald decision by using the comment box below.



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