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Is There Deodorant For Your Balls?

It’s the peak of summer. The day is hot. You did everything right -- started your day with a shower and an ample application of deodorant. You’re wearing breathable shoes. Despite it all, you can still smell it. You pretend you don’t notice. Or that it isn’t you. The people around are polite and don’t say anything, but you know that they know. You stink, man. There’s no way around it. Worse, you know that this particular aroma isn’t from your feet or your pits. It isn’t from that trickle of sweat down your back. It’s full blown swamp crotch, and you’re just not sure what to do about it.
is there deodorant for your balls

The Crop Preserver

There’s good news, gents. Manscaped has toiled in the lab, and they have finally produced the perfect solution. It’s obvious, really. If you’re willing to put deodorant on your pits, why wouldn’t you put it on your balls too? Well, for anyone smart enough to have never tried, traditional deodorant burns like a mother on your sensitive bits. It’s not fun. Not fun at all. But, the point remains. Why don’t we have ball deodorant?

The Crop Preserver really is everything you’ve been waiting to see. It helps manage sweat. It combats odor. Kind of like regular deodorant, it makes you feel pretty fresh after you apply it. Dear friends, that is only the beginning. We often talk about the outright pleasure that comes from using a good ball deodorant. It’s hard to oversell.

Crop Preserver has a lot of science poured into the design. Probably more important than anything else is that it is made from a talcum-like powder gel. The industrious among you may have experimented with baby powder to try and solve this problem on your own. Your instincts were on the right track, but you need more than just powder. So, if you do manage to sweat through your treatment (which is common in the summer months), your innovative solution just turned your balls into a pasty swampland.

Enter the talcum-like powder gel formulation. If gives you all of the benefits of powder without subjecting you to the pastiness. It's still a soothing substance. It reduces friction and keeps your parts cool (which helps mitigate the sweating). But, because it’s a gel, it also manages hydration. Think about it. You don’t really want dry balls. You just want to keep them from being swampy. Powder gel hits this sweet spot. No matter how hot it gets, it stays effective, helps your junk maintain a healthy level of moisture and keeps you feeling great.

Obviously, there is more to this story than just powder gel. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t be so proud. Besides smelling great (a must for any deodorant), Crop Preserver is formulated to combat bacteria. The first tool in the kit is precise pH balance. If you remember your basic science, shifting the pH balance in an area can kill bacteria. But, if you go too far, you can easily cause chemical burns. We’ve sharply tuned the pH in this ball deodorant to maximize microbial resistance without putting your jewels at any risk whatsoever. Between the sent, hydration management and antimicrobial properties, this deodorant hits the trifecta of smell control.

How to Use It

Like any deodorant, it’s best used at the start of the day and after a shower. Make sure you pat dry completely (for best effect). Simply rub some deodorant on your hands and apply to the private region. You’ll notice that it absorbs and dries quickly. That means it’s working, so don’t worry. Once applied, it should be good to go for the rest of the day. That said, if you have an intense workout in the middle of your day, consider an additional shower and reapplying.

Using ball deodorant is as easy as you hoped, but there’s more to the story. To really get the most out of it, you should consider committing to a full manscaping routine. Between managing your pubes and giving proper care to your skin, you’ll find that the advantages of Crop Preserver are magnified substantially when you go the extra mile. There’s good news. Manscaping isn’t the chore that you might think. Here it is in a few simple steps.

is there deodorant for your balls


Step 1: Trimming

A major component of manscaping is managing body hair. That’s no secret. When it comes to your crotch, that always means trimming the pubes down to size. It’s sad, but a lot of guys seem to think that manscaping is a testament of toughness. They take a razor to their overgrown bush and try to grin and bear their way to a smooth lower body. There’s so much wrong with this. First, most guys don’t look good completely shaved. There are areas you want to shave, but a little bit of properly controlled hair can look great.

More importantly, this wreaks havoc on the ecosystem of your balls. Razor burn, savaged skin, shattered pubes and the myriad other problems that come with a direct razor attack are brutal and unnecessary. Just grab a Lawn Mower, set the setting to the longest possible trim, and remove excess hair. If you want to go a little shorter, feel free. Also, bonus points for making your life easier by shaving over a Magic Mat.

Step 2: Shaving

Once you clear the jungle, you can reasonably approach your groin with a razor. You can still manage this over your Magic Mat. With a moisturizer and The Plow, you can safely groom your shortened pubes to your heart’s content. Shaving post trim is actually pretty easy, but for the newbies, we have a few tips. Don’t try to hold a mirror. Instead, prop it on the ground. You can use books or whatever to angle as needed. Your free hand will be needed to manage your junk and keep the skin taut. It should be obvious, but if you don’t manage the wrinkles, you’re going to bleed.

Step 3: Showering

Those of you who are well-read will notice something. We recommend showering after you trim and shave. A lot of other “gurus” out their will advocate the inverse. There are nuggets of truth in what they say. Exfoliating with warm water does soften the hair to make the shave a little gentler, but it comes at a price. You either have to shower twice, or you go through the rest of your day with hair clippings in your shorts. That’s not particularly fun. If you have any interest in efficiency, plan the shower for after hair management. Scrub and exfoliate with a healthy application of Crop Cleanser and you’ll be good to go. Besides removing the tiny hairs, it’ll moisturize your skin and mitigate the risk of razor burn and skin irritation.

Step 4: Preservation

As we mentioned before, this is where you apply some deodorant. You already know how that works, so we’ll skip ahead. After you get your deodorant on, there is actually one final thing to do. Spritz a little Crop Reviver. It’s formula is designed to complement the restorative properties of your deodorant and body wash. Crop Reviver has a few properties that accelerate revitalization and keep the trimming and shaving from doing the kind of skin damage that would otherwise be rampant. You can almost think of it as a gentle, friendly aftershave for your boys.

is there deodorant for your balls

Well, that’s the system. If you stick to it, you’ll find that staying on top of your manscaping game really isn’t that much of a challenge. If you invest in the Perfect Package, it only gets easier. This is an all-in-one tool kit that has everything we’ve mentioned and puts them in a nice travel bag. Whether you just want to be organized in your bathroom or you live life on the go, the Package is the final tool in your kit to make sure you don’t slack off.

While we covered the basics today, the true path to manscaping enlightenment is long and winding. Rather than strike out on your own, you can find every resource you need to advance your game at Besides providing all of the precision tools for a perfect job, the site is inundated with all of the knowledge we’ve been able to compile over the years. You can find tips for better technique, trending style advice and friendly discussions on the modern meaning of manliness. Spend a little time browsing and you’ll see that it’s the place to be for everything related to manscaping.



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