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Make Dad proud: Father's Day gift guide

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Make Dad proud: Father's Day gift guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner. That means you need to hurry to find a perfect gift for your dad before it’s too late. We have you covered. This list of gift ideas will have something for just about everyone. In fact, you’ll notice that some of these gifts are perfect for guys who aren’t your dad. That’s ok. You can include them. For sure, dog dads count as dads and need a new gift. Your brother-in-law? Yup, him too. These gifts are the perfect way to show Dad just how much you appreciate him. (And if you order something for yourself at the same time, we won’t tell.)

Grooming tools

Dad is a modern man, and that means he has modern problems. He needs to be able to take care of his body hair. If you’re shopping for your father, you might not want to think about this, but a groin shaving kit could do him a lot of good. He’ll certainly be happier.

If you’re shopping for the father of your children (or the guy you wish were the father of your children), this is a great way to get a hint across and maybe spice up some late-night fun.

The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer is a perfect gift. It’s the only thing he needs to manage body hair, and it’s incredibly easy to use. If you want to get an extra-special gift, consider the Ultra Smooth Package™. It has an exfoliator, lubricating gel, and razor, all designs explicitly for grooming the groin. You can thank us later.

the lawn mower 4.0

A booze subscription

Assuming the father in question appreciates a good drink, there is an alcohol subscription that he is sure to love. If he’s a beer drinker, a beer subscription will let him try a bunch of special craft brews. He’s sure to discover a new favorite.

For whiskey drinkers, whiskey clubs can introduce him to specialties from regions all over the world. It’s also a great way to get to try some of the most exclusive whiskeys around without having to pay obscene prices for a bottle of liquor.

Subscriptions for wine, gin, brandy, and any other beloved alcohol can work just as well. Cater to his tastes, and he’ll love it. Most of all, a good stash of booze will help him relax after a particularly long, trying day of fatherhood.

If you really want to delight him, pair the subscription with a new flask.


This gift isn’t for all fathers, but more often than not, dads love a chance to eat a good steak. If you’re keeping it simple, take him out for a steak dinner. If you want to do something a little extra special, order him a cut of meat he can’t normally get. There’s a steak for every budget, and you can still introduce him to unique and delightful flavors.

If you have a little bit of money to spend, don’t hold back. Get him a Japanese 15 wagyu steak. It’s the best of the best. It’s perfectly marbled, and it will be a steak he remembers for the rest of his life, well, as long as he doesn't have a beef intolerance.

The best part of this gift is that the best meals are shared. So, you can get yourself an amazing steak too. Why shouldn’t you enjoy his Father’s Day gift just as much as he does?

A round of golf

man playing golf

If you have a dad who enjoys golfing, treat him. Let him have a relaxing afternoon playing a game that they love. They’ll feel refreshed, and they’re sure to have a good time. 

If they aren’t super into golf, there are plenty of substitutes that convey the same message. You can get them a chance to play any sport they like. Take them to a tennis club, to the ski resort, out for bowling . . . it only matters that he enjoys the experience. You can even take him to a professional game of a sport he likes to watch.

If sports aren’t quite right, try to give him an event that is fun. Take him camping or fishing. Go on a hike. Rebuild an old car with him. This is the gift of fun, rather than an object he might like.

A knife sharpening system

Whether for kitchen knives, hunting knives, or anything else that needs to be sharp, a good sharpening kit allows him to keep his tools in top shape. Many guys find the process relaxing and therapeutic.

The best knife sharpeners can handle multiple types of blades. Unless he has a need for high-precision, super-expensive sharpening, Spyderco is the household name that you should investigate.

Once again, the gift doesn’t literally have to be a knife sharpener. If there’s a tool you know he would appreciate, it makes for a perfect Father’s Day gift.

Lawn game sets

What father doesn’t enjoy a little fun playing games on the lawn? You can get an ultra-high quality custom corn hole set, and he’ll love it. You can go the other direction and make your own Kubb set for him. This is about anything that is fun on the lawn.

Now, there are some subsets of dads who get a little particular about activities on their carefully cultivated grass. For those, you want to be a little careful. If there’s an area where they don’t mind playing games, then you’re good to go. If not, consider outdoor games that can stay off the grass. Something like tetherball is fun, and it can stick to the driveway.

The real idea here is to have some easy-going outdoor fun. It’s doubly fun if he has a nice drink from his liquor club to enjoy during the game.

Sports paraphernalia

If he has a favorite team, steer into it. Most guys who truly love their team are always happy for another hat, jersey, or socks that display their loyalty. He wants to show off his love for the team, even if they’re in the 12th “rebuilding” year in a row. In fact, that leads us to a secret pro tip.

New team paraphernalia makes for the best gift when the team is struggling. It proves his loyalty and that he isn’t a bandwagoner. When things do turn around, he’ll have some great stuff to wear with just enough age showing that everyone knows he stuck around through the hard times.

Something for his best friend

dad with baby and dog

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s plenty true, but there’s another way that is overlooked all too often. You can get to a man through his best friend, too. 

We’re talking about his dog.

Get dog dad something nice for his furry buddy. You can go big and get him a custom dog house that rocks his world, or pay for some pro dog training. You can keep it simple and get him a dog-related coffee mug.

The sweet spot might be somewhere in between. You can get him a personalized canvas to celebrate his friendship with the dog. Pair it with some doggie treats and a can of tennis balls, and you’ve provided the gift of love and fun. It can’t go wrong.

Obviously, you can tweak any of this for a cat dad (or any other pet), and it will be just as amazing.

These are just some gift ideas that can get your brain going. Whether the gift is for your father or a guy who could do with a nice present, there’s something for everyone. Cheers, Dad!



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