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Male Care vs Fem Care - What's The Difference?

Everybody needs to stay clean, but—like most things in life—there's a big difference between what women need to do to keep clean versus the actions men have to take to make sure their manliness is in check. Sure, there are plenty of soaps, suds, and solutions that are seemingly fit for both sexes, but the truth of the matter is, there's a science to every body-embodying element.

The Secrets About Sebaceous Glands

Skin is skin, right? Well, yes, but only to a certain extent. You see, men tend to have more sebaceous glands than women. These are the oil-producing pores that keep skin lubricated throughout the day. Having more (or less) sebaceous glands actually determines the skin products that are best for you.

Women have fewer sebaceous glands, meaning their skin doesn't produce oily lubrication at the same speed men do. They need gentler products that won't strip the skin of its natural hydrating sources. Harsh ingredients and detergents can do a lot of damage to women's sensitive skin.

Men have more sebaceous glands, keeping their skin hydrated at all times. The problem is, that hydration often turns into an oily mess, and only the right cleansers can balance proper hydration while removing the added layer of goo. Crop Cleanser hair and body wash from MANSCAPED is specially formulated for men, washing away the unnecessary oils that can leave a man smelling bad while retaining the good oils that keep his skin hydrated right where they belong.

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The Real Truth About Razors

It's no secret that many razors tend to go up in price as soon as they turn pink. Of course, we're just talking about the razors you'd get at your local grocery store, which aren't really optimal for either sex. In reality, the precious parts razors are responsible for certainly do require tools made specifically for the anatomy they'll be making aesthetically pleasing.

Women need razors that are able to shave larger surfaces (legs and underarms, for example). Proper razors that are specifically made for women have larger blades with rounder heads that are designed to guide the hair under the razor. The acrobatics involved with shaving a woman's legs are far different from the motions a man must undergo. A woman who's taking care of her bikini line can get away with grocery store razors when she's in a bind, but when a man's taking care of this below-the-waist region, there's no room to compromise on the elements used in the endeavor.

Private Affairs and Stink "Down There"

Both genders can present unpleasant odors in their nether regions. The smells that emanate from the underwear typically arise for very different reasons, however. 

Women may present smells related to health issues. Sure, bad hygiene will certainly have its hand in the creation of a smelly situation, but women who shower regularly and use proper cleansers may still need to see their doctors if there's an odor coming from down below. Generally speaking, wet wipes and feminine sprays can keep a woman feeling fresh throughout the day.

Men, on the other hand, are constantly battling bacteria buildup around their balls. No matter how active (or not) a man is, his private parts are still sharing some pretty congested real estate, tightly packed together inside his briefs or boxers. Ball sweat has long been a burden of men throughout the ages, but it's actually not the sweat, per se, that's causing the stink. In fact, body odor of any sort occurs when the bacteria living on the skin encounters sweat and begins breaking it down into acids. If a man were to have sweaty balls that didn't have any bacteria on them, the stench would likely never arise.

Alas, a man's genitalia is a giant breeding ground for bacteria, given the confined space and extra skin folds in which colonies can preside. You probably won't ever see a woman shopping for ball deodorant (for obvious reasons), but every man should have a pH-balanced product, such as Crop Preserver ball deodorant, at his disposal. The residue- and oil-free, anti-chafing liquid talcum-like gel promotes antibacterial protection. In other words, it's a man's balls' best friend.

crop preserver

The Principle Differences in Pubes

Although both genders have pubic hair, the way in which people approach it tends to differ from gender to gender.

Women commonly wax their private parts, particularly during swimsuit season. Some women prefer to keep the main part of the muff, while removing the straggly hairs that could bring unwanted stares; others prefer to take it all the way down to the skin from all angles. When it comes to simply maintaining the brief-enclosed area, women may opt for a bikini trimmer, which is a small device that's only intended to go around the bikini line. 

Men do have the option of waxing, but it's seldom recommended. If you're not already aware, the scrotum is a sensitive area that's not meant for the application of hot liquids or abrasive pulling. While the idea may seem funny at first, the end result is often severely painful and has sent many a men to the emergency room. Men who want to keep their scrotums safe while still staying sexy are best to stick with shaving. Pick the right trimmer, such as The Lawn Mower 3.0, to ensure you're using a hygienic tool that's meant to make sure your important parts are taken care of. Leave the waxing for the ladies, less you want to see what your emergency room co-pay looks like firsthand. 

How MANSCAPED Creates an Awesome Male Care Experience


At MANSCAPED, we don't just create hygiene products. We create hygiene products for men. The ladies can have their fruity smells and floral scents, but our products are designed to do a man's job. With The Perfect Package 3.0, you'll have everything you need to keep your scrotum safe and your short-and-curlies well curated. With pH-balanced ingredients specially formulated to remove the musty smell and battle bad bacteria, every item we offer takes you one step closer to a close encounter.

1. Lay Out the Magic Mat

Magic Mat is MANSCAPED's solution to messy bathroom primping. This disposable pad is perfectly sized to catch the hairs that fall from your private parts as you eliminate your unnecessary fur coating. It acts as an entertaining catch-all during the grooming process, and when you're finished, simply pick it up and toss it out. No more chasing pubes around your floorboards for months on end.

2. Trim Those Trusty Hairs

We know—those hairs have been with you through thick and thin. Sometimes, you've just gotta let'em go. This is the time for you to pull out your Lawn Mower 2.0 and do your dude justice. By getting rid of all the excess hair that's standing between you and your next great encounter, you'll be able to shave to your preferred specifications and get rid of all the bacteria that resides in those follicles.

3. Ready, Set, Shave

Now it's time to show your skin how much you appreciate it. Put The Plow to work, taking care not to knick your sweet spot. A rush job around your right-hand man is never a good idea when you're armed with a razor! It's important to be clean when you're getting down with your balls, so if you've had a long day and have a lot of sweat hanging around down there, you might want to use a wash rag to get the area clean before you begin shaving.

4. Step in the Shower

Now, it's time to wash the rogue hairs down the drain and prepare your skin for a cleansing experience using Crop Cleanser.

5. Apply Finishing Touches to Your Treasured Parts

Once you're fresh and ready to get dressed, be sure to apply Crop Preserver to keep your area down-under fresh and clean. A quick spritz of Crop Reviver is the final step. now you're ready for a night out on the town!

MANSCAPED is your place for man-friendly body products that are designed to hit the spot without leaving your landscape feeling scathed. Purchase online, and get ready make everything below the waist feel a lot more comfortable!



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