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Manscaped™ CEO Spotlight – new innovations at Manscaped May, 2021

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



The Lawn Mower 4.0 On A Docking Station

We’re excited to kick of a special “CEO Spotlight Series” where we chat with our very own CEO and Founder, Paul Tran, on a variety of topics relating to, you guessed it, all things Manscaped™Today, we discuss the inspiration behind our newest innovations. 

Q: The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is here! Tell us a little about the process and planning that goes into the creation of a new product. 

A: At Manscaped, we aim to deliver only the best of the best tools on the market. With every tool iteration, we strive to fine tune our previous version in an intelligent and groundbreaking way. We’ve achieved this with the fourth generation Lawn Mower 4.0 electric trimmer after 18+ months of research, development and production. 

The new model maintains our proven SkinSafe technology that helps to prevent nicks and cuts, as well as QuietStroke technology for a quiet shaving experience, even with the powerful 7,000 RPM motor. Exciting new features include a travel lock, 4000k LED spotlight, wireless charging system and a premium two-toned design. 

Q: How did you invent The Lawn Mower? What kind of R&D goes into the process? 

A: Manscaped has a team of in-house engineers and product developers who obsess over the design, quality, and performance of each of our products. We’re constantly working on bettering our product suite based on our criteria and the wants and needs of our growing customer base. 

Q: Tell us, what is the Ultra Smooth Package? Where did it come from? 

A: Since launching as the premier and leading below-the-waist grooming brand in 2016, we have continued to push boundaries binnovating and expanding upon our product collection. The Ultra Smooth Package aligns with this approach by delivering groin-specific offerings that differentiate from our original electric trimmer and accessories. We listened to our customers, while challenging ourselves to be able to provide products that suit an even wider scope of men and, as always, from all walks of life. 

The Ultra Smooth Package

>>Buy the Ultra Smooth Package<<

Q: What’s included in the Ultra Smooth Package and why should we buy it? 

The three-piece kit is a groin shaving system. In addition to the precision-engineered razor, our formulations are top-notch. Ingrown hairs can be truly painful, and the buffing Crop Exfoliator helps to prevent these naturally occurring nuisancesThe Crop Gel is incredibly unique in that it’s clear and perfectly coating, so you can see wear you're shaving and be lubricated in order to further avoid cuts and get an ultra-smooth shave. Each product features our signature scent, which is always a plus and in high request among our fans. 



Horizontal Lawn Mower 4 Callout

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