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Meet our Founder and CEO, Paul Tran

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Founder and CEO of Manscaped Paul Tran

Curious how we started or who owns MANSCAPED™? Meet Paul Tran, our creator and CEO, and the visionary behind the men’s below-the-waist grooming category.

Twitter: @paultran / Instagram: @paultran

Humble Beginnings

Born in Vietnam, Paul grew up with little, but with a big outlook on life. Although he experienced adversity at a young age, and as a first-generation immigrant in America, he reflects on his upbringing very fondly. Having nothing and coming from nothing ingrained a sense of ambition in Paul.

A Born Entrepreneur

One of his earliest entrepreneurial ventures was when Paul launched a weekly raffle way back in elementary school. It was a basic concept with no more than nickels on the table, but something his classmates gravitated to. Fast forward several years, this self-starter put himself through college at the University of Southern California. He parlayed his education and creative spirit into his next endeavors, which included launching and selling multiple businesses.

The Manscaped Movement

Paul started MANSCAPED in 2016 with a vision of driving the movement that changes the face of men’s grooming. By focusing on the needs of what has, for too long, been a sensitive and often stigmatized subject, MANSCAPED has successfully untapped a global market of male consumers.

People First

While at the helm of the rocketship DTC brand and closely involved in innovation, product development, strategy, and much more, Paul prioritizes the people and culture at MANSCAPED. Ensuring that everyone feels valued, included, and appreciated for their efforts is extremely important to him. This is a testament to the company’s recognition as one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2020.

A Philanthropic Future

Paul's deep-rooted commitment to social responsibility is a belief he lives by. Just one of his lifelong philanthropic goals is setting up his own foundation to help orphans and underprivileged children in Vietnam, which will be a full circle moment for him and so many others he’s impacted along the way.



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