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MANSCAPED Lawn Mower vs Lawn Mower 2.0 - What's the Difference?

We’re really excited about the new Lawn Mower 2.0. Anyone who enjoyed the original Lawn Mower is probably also excited, but most of you are reasonably wondering one thing: how are they different? We’ll go over the finer points of those differences in detail, so stick close, pay attention, and possibly learn a few things that can help you be a better groomer.

Cutting Power

Let us tell you a little story. There once was a group of dedicated male groomers. They found that the tools available for their passion were lacking, so they set out to make the ultimate trimmer. After long toil, they finally did it. From their efforts, the legendary Excalibur of giblet trimmers was graced into the world. It was called the Lawn Mower, and it was impressive in many feats. Most important of all was its ability to easily and painlessly cut pubic hair. It rarely tugged or clogged. It was truly up to the challenge.

There were two things that made the Lawn Mower the best. First, it had an impressively high RPM motor (at 4,000 RPMs). That high frequency made it easier for the blades to still cut individual hairs even in the densest of human hedges. It reduced tugging. The second principle of good cutting was found in the strong, durable, and almost eternally sharp blades. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that good trimmers have lasting sharp blades.

All of this story is here to make a point: technology never stops. Now, we have The Lawn Mower 2.0, and it scoffs at the “impressive” feats of its predecessor. You think 4,000 RPMs is good? Try 6,000. That’s a 50-percent increase. You’re impressed with strong, stainless steel blades? You should upgrade to ceramics. They retain the durability and can hold an even sharper edge. Plus, ceramic doesn’t conduct heat as fast, so when the high-RPM motor is doing work, the warm temperatures of that work aren’t transferred to your balls.

That’s still not all. These new ceramic blades are also waterproof. They aren’t metal, so they don't rust. Despite these upgrades, we capped the 2.0 with another big upgrade: replaceable trimming heads. Now, if you do manage to dull your blades (or more likely corrupt them with your nasty habits), you can simply swap in a new head. Congratulations. We just solved your terrible hygiene. Again.


Did we just mention replaceable heads? That’s probably the least convenient part of the new and improved Lawn Mower. The more prominent advance is something you might have noticed right away: the 2.0 has a rechargeable battery.

When we first designed The Lawn Mower, we were aware that some of you would prefer a rechargeable platform to the standard batteries we deployed. Part of the influence in that choice was rooted in the ergonomics (more on that in a minute). The other part is that quality rechargeable batteries were more expensive a few years ago. Now, we’re thrilled that we can bring you an effective body trimmer that runs for a full 60 minutes on a single charge. That means a lot of you can go multiple months between charges. For those of you who simply outgrow the rest of us, we made charging as convenient as possible too.

QuietStroke Technology

Most of you reading this will fall into two camps. One camp is thrilled that they have access to a quieter grooming platform. Let’s just put this simply. Sometimes you need to make a little less noise. The other camp has lived a privileged life and can’t comprehend why a man might need a quiet trimmer. We’re happy you guys have it so good. The point is that both camps are completely wrong about why this matters.

Trimmer noise is caused by the vibrations of the motor. Since we added 50 percent more vibrations per second, that noise could have easily escalated by just as much. The QuietStroke technology dampens those vibrations to keep things easier on the ears. Of course, that’s not the real motivation here.

Dampening the noise can only be done by dampening the tremors of the trimmer itself. That means your hand and arm will vibrate less. No more numbness after a few minutes of work. The 2.0 improves your control over your trimmer in a way that most men never really consider. Regardless, this makes your male grooming unquestionably safer.

Wet and Dry Use Approved

We could have squeezed this into the convenience section, but we wanted to harp on something for a bit. We really don't recommend grooming in the shower. We get the appeal, but there are just so many reasons to do it dry and on a Magic Mat. We’ll reiterate some of these reasons a little further down, but we wanted to take a minute to say that.

We also know that plenty of you groom to the beat of your own drum, or whatever, and groom wherever you damn well please. So, since we were already building a newer, better Lawn Mower, we took the time to accommodate you rebels all the same. The 2.0 is waterproof. If you’re going to manscape in the shower anyways, you might as well do it with the best trimmer you can get.

Bigger and Better

The last thing we’re going to discuss is the physical and ergonomic redesign. The 2.0 obviously looks different from the original Lawn Mower, and there are clear reasons for that. The biggest of those is that we were determined to include that rechargeable battery. It takes more space (especially powering a stronger motor), so we had to make a bigger trimmer. We saw that as an opportunity to make it better too.

The 2.0 has a complete ergonomic redesign, and you’ll find that it fits in your hands better and gives you even more control than before. Combine that with the reduced vibrations and easier cutting, and you get the pinnacle of trimming performance. You’re welcome.

How to Use It

We often say that if you don’t know how to use your tool, it doesn’t matter how big . . . er . . . good it is. That’s certainly true of The Lawn Mower 2.0. So, we’ll take a brief moment to lay down the grooming template. Customize it as you see fit, but understand why we make the recommendations we do. It’ll help you craft a routine that has you at your best at all times.


Like we said earlier, trimming over a Magic Mat should be your first step. If nothing else, this makes cleanup much easier without clogging your shower drain. It’s also pretty clear why you want to trim your bush before doing any shaving. There’s no value in pretending to be tough with your nuts.


One of the biggest reasons we recommend showering after trimming and shaving is because we also recommend using Crop Cleanser. While you technically can use it even when you do trim and shave in the shower, you’ll be less inclined to use it properly. Crop Cleanser is unique in that it has an Active pH Control formula. The formula does a lot for you, but chief among those things is its ability to rapidly restore skin health after a shave. The trick is, it works best when you exfoliate. If you have the patience to shower, trim, shave and then exfoliate with Crop Cleanser, more power to you. If not, trimming before the shower is the trick.

Post Shave

Aftershave has its place in the world, but if you remember that classic scene from Home Alone, you know why you don’t want this stuff anywhere near your balls. Instead of aftershave, you can use our two-piece combo to revitalize the boys. Pat dry from your shower. Rub some Crop Preserver where you sweat and stink the most, and then finish with Crop Reviver. They have complementary formulas of Active pH Control, and the three working together will erase the roughness of a shave as quickly as possible. 

Consider yourself well informed. You now know what makes the Lawn Mower 2.0 superior to its predecessor, and you have a fair idea of how to get the most out of it. If you still thirst for knowledge, there is a plethora awaiting you at Go forth and groom.



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