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Manscaped Partner Program Marketing Tips

Now that you're part of the coolest Partner Program ever, it's time to make some money! Even though once someone tries Manscaped's amazing tools and formulations, they're loyal for life, you need to introduce them to the Manscaped lineup first.

Here are some easy ways to get the word out.

Join online Manscaping or men's grooming/hygiene forums and look for opportunities to recommend Manscaped as the best brand for below-the-belt male grooming. Men on these forums are often looking for recommendations on what tools and products to use to make their nether region trim and clean. Help them out by referring them to Manscaped!

Post on online men's health or men's bodybuilding forums or message boards. Bodybuilders, especially, are interested in a sleek, trim appearance to their entire bodies, including their manhood and balls. Tell them about Manscaped and pique their interest!

Make sure to mention the key points about Manscaped, found here

And don't forget to give them your Partner coupon code. This is how they can get discounts and how YOU get paid.

Do you have any questions about the Manscaped Partner Program? Would you like more strategies to help get sales? If so, email or call us at (800) 893-6652.



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