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June 10, 2016

Manscaped Perfect Package

manscaped perfect package

Why the Perfect Package?

Manscaped created the Perfect Package to give gentleman the right tools for male grooming. Not only does this package feature specially-formulated products to cleanse, deodorize, moisturize, and refresh, it also offers custom-engineered tools to trim a man's most sensitive areas deftly, and without nicks and snags.

Facial trimmers and razors don't work well in the delicate spaces and curves of a man's body. Using them can lead to undesirable results -- or worse -- they can lead to injury and cross contamination. That's where Manscape's Perfect Package comes in. With the following products, a man can maintain a grooming regimen that fits his schedule and lifestyle.

The Perfect Package

The Lawn Mower Professional Grade Personal Clippers 
Crop Cleanser Invigorating Vitamin Body Wash
Crop Preserver Residue-Free Deodorant Moisturizer
Crop Reviver Performance Ready Toner and Refresher
The Plow High Quality Double Edged Safety Razor 
Magic Mat Set of Disposable Shaving Mats

Plus Free Gifts:
The Shears 5-Piece Stainless Steel Nail Kit ($17)
The Shed Water-Resistant Travel Bag ($32)

The Perfect Package from Manscaped will perfect your package. Try it today, and we guarantee you'll never grab your girlfriend's razor or use a drugstore trimmer ever again.


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