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Manscaped - The Perfect Groomsman Gift Idea

So, you’re taking the plunge, huh? Congrats and stuff. While you’re busy planning for a wedding that is probably 90-percent stuff you don’t care much about (who actually cares about table settings at a reception, amiright?), there are a few things that will matter to you. One of those should be your groomsmen gifts. There are some classics out there (and by that we mean clichés to be avoided), but there has never been a truly perfect gift. That’s all changing. The Perfect Package 2.0 is a must for every guy, and it’s brand new, so your groomsmen are unlikely to have one. Even if they do, the package includes a complete re-supply of their most important manscaping resources. It really is ideal, and we’re going to show you why.

manscaped the perfect groomsman gift

The Lawn Mower 2.0

There are two types of groomsmen: single and taken. Both kinds are always happy to have easy ways to upgrade their love lives. You’re about to hit a honeymoon. Your sex life is likely to enter its all-time peak. The poor nerds standing by you at your wedding aren’t so lucky. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is easily the backbone tool of great manscaping, and great manscaping is the key to upgrading a man’s sex life. Whether your groomsmen have hit a stale point in their marriage or are still trying to play the game to its fullest, they’ve no response but eternal gratitude when you hook them up with the best manscaping trimmer in the business.

The Plow

Still on the topic of better sex, a simple trim is only part of the deal. Some parts of the body are better left shaved. We’ll have more specific advice on that in a minute, but the point is that the benefits of trimming are enhanced by proper shaving. The Plow grants the full power of clean, safe shaves anywhere on or around your precious jewels. As much as trimming pubic hair can help a guy’s chances of getting laid, proper shaving can improve the quality of sex. This applies to oral play, fooling around and the traditional P in V fun. There’s absolutely no reason to take our word for it. Feel free to experiment for yourself, and, when you’re convinced, you can give the gift that keeps giving to your groomsmen.

Crop Preserver

It’s ok for gifts to be at least a little selfish. While Crop Preserver can certainly improve any man’s love life, your true motivation here might be a little less altruistic. Simply put, monkey suits can get hot. Even if you aren’t planning a summer wedding, there’s a good chance your boys’ boys will be sweating a storm on the big day. Crop Preserver will keep their ball stink from tainting your special day. The last thing you want is to forever associate the moment of your marriage with the under funk of your best guys. You don’t have to say as much, but if they have access to Crop Preserver before you’re at the altar, this whole scenario is easy to avoid.

Crop Reviver

In a similar fashion, after-wedding festivities can go on for some time. This part of the gift is equal parts selfish and selfless. If your dudes get their dance on at the reception, you still don’t want to smell whatever special cheese they’re growing under all those layers of clothes. Crop Reviver comes in a small, portable bottle, and it can easily maintain conditions during a long day. A couple of spritzes whenever things start to get funky is all it takes. That will keep their tainted stench out of your nostrils for the entire wedding celebration.

This is also an easy sell. It’s no great secret that weddings are the ultimate place for hookups. Crop Preserver can help your gents score at the end of the big day. It’s to the point where you would be a bad friend if you gave them anything else.

Magic Mat

This is actually the friendliest part of the entire gift package. The general incentive of manscaping is to have more and better sex. It might also improve your personal and professional lives, but those are secondary motivators, and we all know it. The reason the Magic Mat is the lynchpin of the whole thing is that it helps overcome the mental inertia that is often associated with manscaping. The last thing anybody wants is to have to painstakingly sweep and clean a bunch of pubes just for the sake of sex down the line somewhere. The Magic Mat erases the most cumbersome chore related to manscaping and makes it easier for anyone to actually make use of this gift. It’s kind of a bonus, but it’s also really important.

The Shed

The last part of the Perfect Package is the part we throw in for free. The Shed is a high-quality dopp kit. It makes it easy to keep your manscaping tools organized, and it enables you to take them on the road. In this case, its best feature is the fact that it clearly reflects the craftsmanship that went into the entire kit. When your guys open their gift to see this beautiful travel bag, they’ll know that you aren’t skimping. While it might not leave them teary eyed, this is the part of the gift that makes it obvious you put real thought into this and that they aren’t just stand-ins at a pointless ceremony.

manscaped the perfect groomsman gift

Making it Work

If you really want your groomsman gifts to go the full mile, you can refer them to this page. Because, from here on out, we’re going to explain a few easy tips to really get the most from the Perfect Package 2.0.


The first step to great trimming is to use the Lawn Mower 2.0. Since that’s already checked off the list, the next step is to use it wisely. With practice, every man develops his own style for body trimming. Until then, a few easy tips can steer newcomers away from grave mistakes. First, always start with the longest guard. Eventually, you can get body hair short enough to be prickly. You want to avoid doing that anywhere you don’t intend to shave. If you still want to get the hair shorter, step down one guard at a time until it seems right.


If you ask ten experienced manscapers about where you should shave, you’ll get ten different answers. The one answer they would probably all agree is that you should use discretion. No one needs to be completely shaved everywhere (some competitions and extreme surgeries aside). The generic rules are to not completely shave your pubes. Shaved balls are currently trendy, but that changes frequently. Until you’re more practices, though, you might want to be hesitant about shaving your ass. It’s mechanically tricky, and cuts between the cheeks are no joke. That said, once mastered, a smooth ass is a favorite for most ladies.


We assume you know how to shower. We’re going to make a few suggestions you might not realize. One is that you should shower after you trim and shave. It might feel counterintuitive, but this is the best way to cleanse away irritation that comes from those activities. Plus, if you utilized the Active pH Control in Crop Cleanser, you’ll rapidly restore any damage your clumsy hands might inflict when you groom.

Using Deodorant

There’s no trade secret to applying Crop Preserver. Obviously it’s best used at the start of the day and after a shower. The enlightenment we can offer here is to embrace the magic that is a great ball deodorant. It does so much more than keep you from smelling like the man you are. It reduces friction, keeps your boys cool, hydrates your skin, mitigates excessive moisture and more. Really we should probably warn you that using it might be addictive, but it’s an addiction that will only improve your life. So, you’re welcome.


The final step of manscaping is to maintain crotch health. A good shower and ball deodorant really go a long way for that. The icing on the (wedding, haha) cake is Crop Reviver. It doesn’t just refresh the smell in your groin on a long day. It also contains formulas that are designed to keep your skin at optimum health. We recommend a spritz after your deodorant dries every day. From there, refreshers as needed are fine.

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We’ve gone all out for you today. We’ve shown you the perfect gift for your groomsmen. We’ve explained the components that make it great and given a brief tutorial so they can use it to best effect. If any of this leads to further interest in manscaping, we have everything you could possibly need at



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