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June 07, 2016

Manscaped: Why Manscaped Created the Crop Preserver

why manscaped created the crop preserver

Manscaped, creators of the world's finest male grooming kit focusing on a man's manhood, features the Crop Preserver moisturizer as a vital part of the Manscaped product lineup. They realized that there was nothing out there on the market that would both deodorize and moisturize the family jewels -- so they created it.

Crop Preserver isn't just any moisturizer, though. It's specially formulated for a man's most sensitive and private region -- his nether region. Manscaped chose the ingredients to deodorize, moisturize, and keep that most sensitive skin dry. No irritating elements here!

Deodorizing is an important aspect of Manscape's Crop Preserver. Forget taking a deodorant stick to your manhood -- Crop Preserver's unique liquid formulation goes on dry, with no residue or stickiness for all-day freshness. Apply after trimming excess foliage using the Lawn Mower and cleansing with Crop Cleanser. Then, after using Crop Cleanser, spritz a bit of Crop Reviver for a complete manscaping experience.

The modern gentleman can count on products like Manscaped Crop Preserver to help maintain his gentlemanly grooming ways. For more information or to order, check out



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