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Making decisions for your business isn’t easy - there are always a number of pros and cons to consider. Just over a year ago, we found ourselves in this very position, deciding which subscription billing platform Manscaped should use to enable subscriptions for our customers. It took us nearly four months to commit to a platform because everything we looked at had weaknesses and strengths. We tested and talked to countless team members and found Shopify + ReCharge to be the best of all recurring billing solutions.

There isn’t a one size fits all platform when it comes to subscriptions. While ReCharge is not perfect, having used the ReCharge platform for over 10 months we are very satisfied with our decision.

The overwhelming reason why we chose ReCharge in the first place is their open API. We’ve been able to accomplish two major things:

First and foremost, we segment our customers for various marketing campaigns by combining both Shopify and ReCharge data. Each tracks different data points and when you combine them both using the API, it’s quite easy to see our most profitable customers and major trends that may convert into more purchases. Importing this data into our EMS couldn’t be easier and our emails have been incredibly effective.

recharge + manscaped

Secondly, we use the API to change subscription SKUs. This allows us to add surprise and delight gifts into our shipments. Customer satisfaction is key and our core belief is to delight our customers. 

Other than the API, another favorite feature is the dedicated customer portal which gives us the ability to customize how it appears for customers. This allows each individual customer to easily manage their own subscriptions, payment details, and add additional products.

Additionally, there have been several integrations that we were able to take advantage of that simply weren't available anywhere else.

Yes, this might sound like a plug for ReCharge, but if you are looking for a one size fits all subscription platform - it just doesn’t exist. Subscription programs are different for each merchant and must be tailored to each offering. ReCharge’s open API allowed us to tailer the right fit to delight our customers.

 recharge manscaped


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