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Manscaping Before and After Results

Manscaping has taken the male grooming world by storm. No longer satisfied with running a quick razor across the chest or under the arms, male grooming now including manscaping, which means below-the-belt grooming. This covers a man’s most sensitive zone: his testicles, inner thighs, and the patch above his manhood. Manscaping before and after are two very different things. When a man starts manscaping, his life begins to look different than before.

Manscaping Before and After Results

An attractive, well-kept nether zone can impact many parts of a man’s life. The most obvious is his dating life. Men, both gay and straight, have reported positive effects of manscaping on their love lives. Their partners love how they look, feel and smell, which gives the manscaped man extra confidence and contentment in his relationship or relationships! Because he’s clean and trim “down there,” he looks, smells, and feels better, both to himself and others. And one obvious “after?” Well, when you trim the hair, your manhood looks bigger. Can any man argue with having his manhood look bigger? We don’t think so. Now that’s a plus, if you know what we mean.

Manscaping Before and After Results

Don’t forget the workplace: While a manscaped man won’t be showing his manhood at work (at least, we hope not!), just the confidence from knowing he’s at his best underneath his clothes may be all he needs to score a big client, wow them at a meeting, or get a promotion from the boss. He won’t be worried about his junk sticking to his thighs during a presentation or about smelling if he’s standing a little too close to a coworker. Manscaping makes a man capable, confidence, and secure. Who wouldn’t want that? Let us answer that: Everyone would want that.

And what about a man’s health? This area isn’t mentioned much when it comes to manscaping. When you trim excess hair from your testicles, inner thighs, and the patch above your penis, you minimize the chances of bacteria festering or growing due to excess dampness or lack of cleanliness. It’s much easier to keep your privates and the area around them clean when there’s less hair. There’s less chance of contracting things like HPV when your manhood and the surrounding areas are clean and trim.

Manscaping Before and After Results

How do you experience the magic that manscaping can do for all aspects of your life? Easy. The right tools and products can make you into a manscaping maven. Here’s where Manscaped, the premier male grooming brand, comes into play.

Here are the Manscaped specially designed and formulated tools and products to go from manscaping before to manscaping after:

The Lawn Mower Electric Trimmer

This electric trimmer is powerful and portable – uniquely designed for below-the-belt male grooming. It fits in the palm of your hand for optimal maneuverability and accuracy around hard-to-navigate and sensitive areas like the inner thigh, testicles, and above your manhood. Utilizing Manscaped ToughShears™ blades, its 4,000 cutting strokes-per-minute offer a smoother, nick- and snag-free trim designed for coarse hair “down there.”

Manscaping Before and After Results

The Plow Safety Razor

This compact safety razor was created to give you a close, refined shave after reducing bulk with the Manscaped electric trimmer. Its custom size, built-in guard, and single blade allow for maneuverability and safety. After using the electric trimmer, utilize this one-of-kind razor for further refinement and smoothness.

Manscaping Before and After Results

Crop Cleanser All-in-One Cleanser

This uniquely formulated moisturizing hair and body wash was designed for both hair and body cleansing. Ingredients include soothing aloe, sea salt, and  natural hydrators to leave your skin clean, fresh, moisturized and reinvigorated. Perfect for post trimming, as well as everyday shower use. This cleanser is especially suitable if you have highly active lifestyle, since it can clean after the most intense workout. Use immediately after trimming with the electric trimmer and refinding with the safety razor.

Manscaping Before and After Results

Crop Preserver Ball Deodorant and Moisturizer

This unique Manscaped multitasking deodorant, antiperspirant, and moisturizer was designed specifically for the unique needs of a man’s sensitive nether zone. This residue- and oil-free, anti-chafing liquid talcum gel features ingredients that preserve skin’s essential barrier, promote antibacterial protection, and maintain all-day freshness. Apply after cleansing when you dry off after the shower. 

Manscaping Before and After Results

Crop Reviver Body Toner

This spray-on body toner and spritzer has been designed especially for highly sensitive and high friction areas of the body. It features soothing aloe and witch hazel extracts for anti-inflammatory, anti-burn protection, and maintains optimum pH levels for dryness and proper hydration.

Manscaping Before and After Results

Magic Mat Disposable Shaving Mats

Keep your bathroom clean and tidy while manscaping. Our Magic Mat disposable shaving mats keep trimmings in one place for easy disposal, and also serves as a source of entertaining news. Utilize their handy functionality while grooming, then neatly discard. 

Manscaping Before and After Results

The Shed Travel Bag

This premium quality travel and storage bag gives you a discreet place to handily store all your Manscaped Refining Products™between grooming sessions. Perfectly sized to keep under the sink or to take with you for easy, on-the-go manscaping. So attractive, you may want to use it as a man bag.

Manscaping Before and After Results

The Shears

Manscaped men don’t forget their nails! This five-piece nail kit is designed to handle the most demanding of men’s nail care. Each piece is manufactured from highly durable, tempered stainless steel that’s resistant to corrosion. This set comes with travel wallet and gives your hands a sophisticated and hygienic appearance. We recommend regular nail care are part of your personal grooming. 

Manscaping Before and After Results

So there you have it! Great Manscaping before and after results come down to the tools and formulations you use on your most precious body parts. After all, your manhood and your family jewels are what, literally, make you a man.

Here’s what some of Manscaped “before and after” men have to say about the tools and products that changed their lives:

The Lawn Mower Reviews

“The Lawn Mower ROCKS. I never used to trim my balls because, to be honest with you, it took too long, and it made them look uneven. But my girlfriend got me Manscaped and my life hasn't been the same since!” - Johnny K.

“I can't believe how powerful this small trimmer is! There's no cord, so it's really convenient to use too.” - Brian W.

Manscaping Before and After Results

The Plow Reviews

“I didn't think it was a good idea to take a razor to my junk, but if the grooming gurus at Manscaped say it's ok, I trust them! Glad I did - I look fab down there, if I say so myself.” - Kellan M. 

“I use the entire Manscaped set, but I have to say, this little guy is my favorite! I feel like an artist when I use it to create the perfect man zone!” - Henry N. 

Crop Cleanser Reviews

“I jacked this from my buddy after I saw how good his hair looked. He said he was using Crop Cleanser for his hair and body, so now he has to order another one, lol.” - Frank R. 

“I hate having a shower full of products. This cleanser eliminates that problem! Plus, it works amazingly well, without drying my hair or skin out.” - Quinton D.


Crop Preserver Reviews

“My lady loves how my jewels feel in her hands! She said they don't feel sticky or sweaty anymore. Yes!” - Lonny A.

“Why wouldn't you use deodorant on your balls? A whole new world has opened up for me!” - Adam S.

“Saw a commercial for this and my jaw dropped... A deodorant for a man's balls, What the f*ck, mind blown, my boyfriend needs this... bought him six!” - Will C.

Crop Reviver Reviews

“I take the Crop Reviver to work and spray it in my pants just before a meeting. It gives me a strange sense of confidence at work!” - Sean G. 

“I use this as an all over body spray instead of using cologne. It smells great without being overpowering.” - Amir E.

Manscaping Before and After Results

The Shed Reviews

“I hate a messy bathroom counter, which makes the Shed so helpful! It keeps everything in one place.”  - Yael T.

“This bag is so good-looking, I want to carry it around (just kidding). But if you did, you'd get nothing but compliments.” - Lawson I.

The Magic Mat Reviews

“What a great idea! I used to have to Swiffer my bathroom after every grooming session, but now I just fold up the Magic Mat and toss in the trash!” - Paul L. 

“You're kidding me, right? The writing on this shaving mat is amazing! I kept one just to read.” - Timothy P.

The Shears Reviews

“This is the best nail kit! My girlfriend used to drag me to the nail salon because she couldn't stand my hands, but I don't need to go anymore!” - Gianni F. 

“This nail kit makes it really easy to keep your nails clean and looking good. Shake hands with confidence, my friends!” - Ronson S.
Men across the country are loving Manscaped and how they feel after manscaping versus before. The proper manscaping can change your life! Go from manscaping before to manscaping after by ordering at

Your balls will thank you.



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