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Manscaping Tips for the Groin

manscaping tips for the groin

Ah, yes. A man's below-the-belt body parts are his pride and joy. Doesn't it only make sense for these crown jewels to be given the royal treatment?

Our goal is to get you looking the biggest and best that you can be, so be mindful that an inch or two removed from your pubic hair can make your manhood appear even larger than it was when your hair was growing rogue.

To help ensure a properly-manicured man-region, roll out the red carpet, and take care of your sensitive situation with these must-do manscaping tips:

Get Sudsy with It

Sharp surfaces should never come close to your shaft and its trusty sidekicks without a solid sudsing of everything involved. Give your tools a good rub down with some rubbing alcohol to sterilize the surfaces.

Bear in mind that your balls tend to be a playground for bacteria that lives within the folds of that sensitive skin. Get up close and personal with a gentle moisturizing cleanser that will wash away the bad stuff while prepping your skin and follicles for the good things to come.

Stay Steamy

Get your pubes in the mood by taking a longer-than-usual steamy shower. The hot and humid climate will help soften your skin and cause your pores to relax, which will make your manscaping process go more smoothly.

Take a Little off the Top

Okay, we get it. That phrase may have made you wince, but it did its job by getting your attention, right?

A successful manscaping session starts with a solid trim. Trim the hair as low as you're comfortable going, taking care to keep the blades away from your boys. A manual trim will help reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn when you reach for your clippers and straight razor.

Get Creamy

Massage a thin layer of high-quality shaving cream or gel across the entire area to reduce irritation. Stick with formulas specifically designed for sensitive skin, and steer clear of artificial scents (they'll likely cause stinging discomfort if you nick your nether region.

Shave Away

Start with clippers, carefully taking care of the top part of your pubic hair. Using a sharp straight razor, start with your shaft by shifting your stuff first to the left and shaving the exposed area, then do the same thing in the opposite direction. (A dull razor will likely leave you with nicks and cuts, and you don't want to find out what that means the hard way.) Use extra care when you get to your balls. Shave them one at a time, grabbing each individually to make the skin as tight and wrinkle-free as possible.


A manscaping moment is never done until moisturizer makes its debut. Keep irritation away with a great after shave and moisturizer that's specifically meant for a man's private parts.

Did we miss some of your must-do manscaping tips for the groin? Tell us what you do to keep your boys safe during your grooming ritual by leaving a comment below.



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