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Top Men’s Deodorant for Fresh Balls

We all have hobbies and passions. Some of these hobbies and passions are more mainstream than others, but almost all of them seem to inevitably lead to an overcrowded venue full of men. Whether it’s a sporting arena, a convention, or some esoteric pleasure we have yet to discover, all of these men all have one thing in common—they smell bad. While it’s easy to dismiss this olfactory assault as a temporary problem, it’s indicative of a problem with men everywhere, and you are probably also guilty.

Showering and wearing deodorant is not enough to keep you from smelling bad when you’re active. As for cologne, it adds to the problem more often than it helps (have you heard of the term French shower? It means you spray instead of shower). If you really want to beat the stench (and your love life demands that you do), then you need to take care of your balls, plain and simple. Having stinky balls is a widespread crisis, but you don’t need to participate. Distinguish yourself from the masses of men with stinky balls. 

What Is Ball Deodorant? 

You probably think you already know what ball deodorant is, but you likely underestimate its true power. We aren’t just talking about some Speed Stick for your nuts or excessive baby powder application, after all. A proper ball deodorant combines expert science and engineering with quality of life improvements you may have lacked the imagination to even consider. Sure, it will make your crotch smell great even on a swampy day, but it does so much more. Intrigued? Read on to find out how ball deodorant is more than just ball deodorant and why you need men’s deodorant for fresh balls.

Crop Preserver

Crop Preserver from MANSCAPED, purveyors of all things related to male grooming, is a modern scientific miracle in a bottle. Grooming and hygiene experts spent many long hours in the lab to develop a formula that is perfectly attuned to male genitalia. It starts with perfecting the pH balance. This promotes healthy skin and helps reduce bacterial growths that can contribute to bad odors and the type of skin conditions you’d be embarrassed to show a doctor, much less a romantic engagement. Can you imagine? “Don’t worry, the redness and irritation is no big deal.” Well, guess what? It IS a big deal!

Along with hygienic properties due to the delicate balancing of proper ball pH, MANSCAPED Crop Preserver also has elements to reduce sweat, skin irritation, and friction. This dry gel formulation goes on dry, and it keeps you that way. These unique properties do a few things that you may not have dreamed were possible. The anti-friction agent protects you from your thigh and ball skin rubbing together. This lowers crotch heat and sweating, but it also prevents that raw feeling you get when you’re on your feet on a long, hot day. The formula also helps reduce stickiness. Gone are the days when you have to walk with that extra hitch in your step because your sack keeps sticking to your leg. We’ve all been there. You’ve experimented with countless clothing and underwear combinations to fight it, but the secret to success lies in deodorant.

Most importantly, Crop Preserver is designed with the sensitivity of your man parts in mind. If you don’t think this is important, go ahead and rub your pit deodorant on your groin. When you’re done crying, come back and see us for something a bit more appropriate. We’ll point you in the right direction of men’s deodorant for fresh balls, which should be the goal of any man past puberty.

How to Choose a Men’s Deodorant for Fresh Balls

Now that you’ve embraced the necessity of ball deodorant (good for you), it’s time to do some learning. After all, refined gentlemen of the 21st century are informed consumers. When you choose underarm sticks or gels, the choice is pretty easy. Pick the one that smells nice and make sure it doesn’t cause any strange reactions. Done. Choosing for your balls requires more delicacy. First, you need to eliminate harshness. Check your reviews, or be a brave explorer if you dare, but try to eliminate anything that sets your loins on fire.

You still need to consider smells, and having the input of a lady friend can go a long way, but there are two other considerations. Ball deodorants actually come in more varieties than you would think, so you want to make sure you get something that is easy to use. Powders are usually better in performance, but many designs to take into account the sheer awkwardness of sprinkling powder on your balls and getting it all over your underpants, pants, and bathroom. Pick the right formulation. The last thing you need is an excuse to skip the deodorant and go around crotch swamping the world around you. Your poor friends and coworkers! Finally, look at portability. If you’re on the go, your deodorant should be too. Not all brands are travel friendly, so be mindful when looking for the best men’s deodorant for fresh balls.

MANSCAPED Crop Cleanser comes in a travel-friendly size, discreet packaging that doesn’t scream “BALL DEODORANT!” and also moisturizes delicate ball skin in addition to keeping the ball sack smelling fine. While you want to be dry, you don’t want your balls to be dry, irritated, and cracking.


How to Use

We’re sure you can figure it out for yourself. If not, just put a small amount in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply to your sack. Let dry before putting on underpants. We notice a lot of guys think of their ball deodorant as a less-harsh cologne. They like to apply it before going out, but they tend to leave it on the counter before a workout or sweaty event instead of thinking ahead and applying your deodorant BEFORE your workout, whether vertical or horizontal. This is a mistake. While it’s perfectly fine to work up a good sweat, applying deodorant before the exercise will change your life. We’re not talking about the smell here; you're working out. It’s ok to smell. But, the powder will reduce chafing and lead to some of the best workouts of your life. Unless they’re aquatic workouts. Somehow, we didn’t write this for Michael Phelps, so it’s not a moot point here. 

A light application of Crop Preserver is also useful after a ball shave, post-trimming. At times, you may just trim using a cordless electric trimmer like The Lawn Mower 3.0, and other times, you may do the whole shebang in terms of a male grooming session: trim, shower, deodorize, and refresh. As you get more used to your ball deodorant, you’ll find that a quick application goes great before and after many parts of your day, and you’ll strike the right balance. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Total Package

The last thing you need to understand about ball deodorant is that it isn’t a solo hero. You may think it is, especially since Crop Preserver is considered a miracle product in many grooming circles, but it’s actually part of a team. The big players on that team can be found in The Perfect Package 3.0 kit from MANSCAPED, the most popular male grooming kit out there. The Perfect Package 3.0 also features a refreshing body spritz called Crop Reviver that helps perk up your junk after a long day. Believe us, you’ll wonder why this stuff wasn’t in existence before. And so you don’t get pubes all over your bathroom (gross), MANSCAPED gives you shaving mats to help keep your bathroom clean as you clean your package. Above all, you need to make it easy to keep on top of this stuff, and consolidating your tools into an easy, grab-and-go travel bag is the way to go. MANSCAPED thought of everything while you were just thinking of trying to find a men’s deodorant for fresh balls.

Whatever your needs and preferences, we have you covered at Learn from our expertise and browse the options. We’re committed to helping you manscape to the best of your ability, to improve all aspects of your life.



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