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NEW Special Edition TCS Lawn Mower® 4.0

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NEW Special Edition TCS Lawn Mower® 4.0

Everybody loves their balls

A man’s balls might not be the purtiest part of the body, but we love them anyway. 

Did you know that testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men ages 15 to 35? Yeah, we’re going right into the cancer topic because it’s important, and we cannot emphasize enough how early detection can actually save your balls (and your life, for that matter). Testicular cancer is 99 percent curable when detected and treated early. 99 percent. That’s an insanely good percentage in the cancer world, so why wouldn’t you want to be aware? 

Self-checks are one of the best ways men detect that they have a problem in their balls. Most cancerous lumps are not found by a doctor. They are actually found by the patient themselves or their significant other. 

How many of you go to the doctor regularly in the first place? That was a rhetorical question and proves our point even more. 

Checking yourself once a month is all it takes. 

We think your balls are worth spending a moment or two once a month to make sure they are healthy, don’t you?

First, why not give them a trim before checking for testicular cancer?

the lawn mower 4.0 special edition

At MANSCAPED™, we not only care about the general well-being of your balls, but we want them to look nice too. They can use all the help we can give them, so why not make sure they are well-groomed? AND, when you’re trim down there, it’s even easier to check for lumps.

The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is our ultimate groin and body grooming tool. For Testicular Cancer Month, we are partnering with the Testicular Cancer Society to raise money and awareness for testicular cancer and have The Lawn Mower® 4.0 TCS Special Edition available. 

Yeah, it’s purple

Yup. Not only is The Lawn Mower® 4.0 TCS Special Edition an awesome grooming tool that supports an awesome cause, but it’s also got purple bits, and it’s fancy. It has purple trim, a purple battery indicator light, and a whole list of other cool features just for your grooming needs:

  • SkinSafe™ replaceable ceramic blades
  • Adjustable guard sizes 1-4
  • 7,000 RPM motor with QuietStroke™ technology
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless charging system 
  • 600mAh li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Power status indicator
  • Travel lock

The 4.0 means we’ve released this bad-boy four times, so this is fourth-generation level technology, man. We’ve kind of obsessed over this tool, and it’s the best trimmer we can give you. And now that we’ve launched this new TCS Lawn Mower® 4.0 Special Edition trimmer, it’s also the coolest looking thing out there.

Close the door, I’m checking my balls!

the lawn mower 4.0 special edition

Alright, men, let’s review how to perform testicle checks on your own. 

Don’t worry, you can do it. All it takes is your balls, your hands (or someone else’s), a shower, and some soap.

You know we like to give step-by-step guidelines, so here you go:

Go to your bathroom area.

Take your clothes off. 

Hop into a warm shower. 

Use soap and suds up the boys. 

With your hands, gently roll your balls left and right, side to side, up and down, and feel all over. You’re checking for lumps, bumps, and anything that might be unordinary or even painful if you touch it. Pain in your balls is not good.

If you notice anything weird or lumpy, call a doctor’s office in your area, and immediately make an appointment for a more formal checkup.

If you’ve never spent intimate time feeling around your ball area before, there might be something you’re unfamiliar with. Trying to keep this light, there’s a tube that actually carries sperm from your testicles to the…release zone. That tube is called the epididymis.

When you feel it for the first time, you’ll notice it kind of feels like a rope and it’s definitely a different texture and consistency than your testicles. When you feel this, it’s not a problem. It’s supposed to be there, and that ropey texture is perfectly normal. 

When screening, what you’re really looking for is lumps or sore spots. Even small lumps (the size of a grain of rice) are worthy of a doctor’s visit, especially if they’re new. The same is true for abnormal soreness in your balls. These things don’t necessarily mean that you have cancer, but any abnormality with your balls is something you want to get ahead of.

Together, we save balls!

With The Lawn Mower® 4.0 TCS Special Edition, we are donating $50,000 to the Testicular Cancer Society. When you purchase this trimmer, you help us raise awareness for this important cause for men. 

You can learn more about our mission to save balls by visiting or by even donating directly at



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