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Our Dirty Little Secret... Ball Deodorant

Nobody likes hot, sweaty, and sticky balls. We know your leg and your balls have become pretty good friends but they don’t always need to be stuck together…

We know that every gent has run into this issue whether you’re a college student, athlete, businessman or Batman. There was no solution out there, until... we created the Crop Preserver, a moisturizer and deodorant for your balls! The gents on our team were tired of walking around with swamp crotch all day, they wanted to create a product that would keep you feeling fresh and dry all day.

Our Crop Preserver keeps your delicate package moisturized without the sticky feeling of lotions or creams. It absorbs the oils, sweat, and grime while maintaining your PH balance. Non-irritating and anti-chaffing, this deodorant goes on wet but dries without any residue! If your deodorant is a daily necessity, than this should be too! As a man, you should never feel insecure, don’t let your stinky balls bring you down!

From going to the office to a hardcore gym session, our Crop Preserver will keep you dry and fresh. How much time is your lady spending down there? She’d spend more time down there if you kept it fresh! A recent poll suggests, 99% of women would spend more time down there if men groomed their package.

Be ready for any occasion, get Manscaped!



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