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Presents For Men How To Bring Him The PERFECT Gift

In this article, we're going to show you EXACTLY how to give your friend or boyfriend the perfect gift that will make them extremely grateful and happy to have you in their life. This will show you the top men's gifts that are fun to give.

Choosing presents is a way more difficult task than it’s portrayed to be.

Some people just choose random gifts… and then they wonder why they don’t have strong relationships.

Gifts For Men

Some people just take general info and give general presents.

Some people just don’t give presents because they think it’s materialistic and meaningless.

Some people give money because they have no creativity.

Where do you fall in this list?

If I had to get, you’re in neither of those.

You want to learn how to strengthen your relationship with your male friend OR boyfriend and over-exceed their expectations while not spending and insane amount of money.

Is that you?

If that is you, keep reading because this article will definitely guide you by the hand to your desired present.

I’m going to show you a simple 3 step method that will teach you exactly how to never fail when it comes to gifting.

Step 1. Think About Him

Obvious yet overlooked.

Think about what he likes.

Think about what you think he needs.

Don’t just give him something that he already has but understand where his passion lies and think about what items you can give him.

Gifts For Men

Does he like a certain football team?

Does he love playing a particular video game?

Does he love self-improvement or is he focused on helping others?

Is he always busy and on the run?

P.S. If he really is constantly moving, he would really appreciate a “handbag” that is manly enough for him to be proud of having around his arms. Check out our exclusive “Shed Bag”.

A small nuance that you have to keep in mind is that the more unique the gift is and the more centered around his passion it is… the more grateful he will be.

Gifts For Men

Just don't give him a replica of something he already has.

Step 2. Talk To His Friends/Family

Who knows him more than his friends and family?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably his girlfriend OR a super close friend that wants to make his day.

I wish there were more people like you in the world.

But you only have one perspective.

One field of view.

A better way to approach this is by asking other people who are close to him and

understand what the commonalities from their answers are.

If 1 out of 4 people say football, then don’t buy him a soccer ball signed by his “favourite“ player.

Gifts For Men


Sorry, I had to…

But seriously, just take a couple answers from his peers and see what is the most common answer.

Based on that, take your creativity for a test and think about what would make him happy.

What he would remember forever.

What you can see him use for the foreseeable future.

Something that is… unforgettable.

So, for the final step.

The final action that you have to take to see a smile on your male friend’s face is…

Step 3. Buy What Your Heart Tells You

I know that sounds generic but hear me out.

You did your due-diligence and thought deeply about his passions and emotions.

You thought extensively about what would make him smile.

You analyzed his personality and how he would react to it AND apart from that…

You have multiple points of view since you asked other people who are super close to him to help you make this relationship strengthening investment.

Gifts For Men

After ALLLLL of that, all you have to do is buy something that he doesn’t have an endless amount of.

Something that will be “perfect” in his eyes.

You should have a strong grasp of what that is by now but I’ll give you a couple of tips.

If he REALLY loves a certain sports player or video game player, then you can go on websites like Cameo and get shoutout from the players themselves and they’ll say what you want them to say.

Imagine having Katy Perry wish you a happy birthday for a couple of dollar.


Now, most people only charge around $50-$100 on that site but it’s a PRICELESS gift for your male compadre’.

If he really loves to travel AND you know where he really wants to go, buy him tickets to his dream location and fulfill his dream!

The only reason people don’t go to their dream places is usually either a problem of money or not having someone to go with.

And this fixes both the issues!

Obviously you’d have to chuck a couple dollars… but you’d make him a way happier friend.

Trust me.

If you want something is cheaper but still PERFECT for people that are constantly moving and traveling then I’d recommend buying him a handbag.

Not the girly looking handbags…

A handbag that is used by ONLY men that can be used to hold all his essentials wherever he goes while happily having it dangle majestically around his arms or waist.

Save One For Your Male Friend Here.

That’s it!

If you found that helpful at all, I’d appreciate it if you share this with your other friends so you can collectively make wise decisions will showering this lucky guy with amazing gifts.

Gifts For Men

From our team here at Manscaped, we wish you happy gifting seasons and we’re CERTAIN that if you follow this guide you’ll see the widest smile on your boy’s face that you have ever seen.

To Your Happiness,


P.S. If you’re just scrolling through this entire blog post and just want the most valuable information without all the explanations and in-depth reviews… here it is.

The 3 step formula that will guarantee happiness and strengthen your relationship instead of the usual horrible meaningless gifts most people give.

  1. Think about what he’s passionate & emotional about
  2. Ask his friends/family to get different points of view
  3. Buy something unique based on the first two points

Since you made it this far, you obviously care about your male friend… or even yourself.

Here at manscaped, we take hygiene and cleanliness super seriously and we are tired of people using normal shavers to clean their private areas.

Gifts For Men

This can lead to horrible rashes, uneven areas and a generally bad experience cleaning up.

That’s why we came up with The Lawn Mower 2.0.

The revolutionary manscaping weapon.

Gifts For Men



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