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Perfecting Between the Cheeks Male Grooming

Male grooming is an industry that’s taking off at an unforeseen rate, as more and more men want to make sure that they are looking their best both above and below the belt. Unfortunately, there are so many different aspects to male grooming that it can often be a challenge to keep up with the best techniques.

Of course, when you decide that you want to start grooming yourself below the belt, you’re going to need to decide on your style. There are a lot of areas that you can focus on, and nobody knows your own body better than you, but when was the last time that you took a look at your own ass? Never? That sounds about right.

The average man doesn’t usually have much of a reason to contort themselves into a position where they can check out the underside of their junk using a mirror. When it comes to our butts, most of the time, we’re even less interested in what it looks like, but between the cheeks male grooming is integral.

If you want to go out and be ready for all potential partners, there are few better options for keeping your cheeks in pristine condition. Everyone loves a nice ass, and men make the mistake of thinking that this isn't the case for women, but just take a look at how so many drool over the rear-ends of athletes like soccer players. Soon, you'll also be in that position. 

perfecting between the cheeks male grooming

Why Groom Between the Cheeks?

Before we get into the details of grooming your cheeks, we’ll take a look at why you would want to do so. We already brushed on one of the many reasons just now, when we mentioned that potential partners will find it attractive to have an anus that doesn’t look like the Amazon rainforest. Butt hair removal is a quintessential part of the grooming process when you're looking for a mate (or trying to keep your existing one).

Even if you don't have a lot of butt hair, you'll find that keeping your bum as clean as a baby's has a lot of benefits to it. One of the many inconveniences that come with butt hair is little bits of poop that tend to get stuck in it, which can really ruin your hygiene and even lead to rashes.

If you want to avoid having any dingleberries (poop crumbs) sticking to your bum hair, the best way to do so is to eliminate it entirely. This will result in a reduced smell after you poop, and you won’t always have to take a quick shower before showing yourself to a woman because you’re afraid that they’re still there.

Other than keeping your butt free of dingleberries and other poop-related problems, you’ll find that grooming between the cheeks can help you out in other ways. For example, if you’re someone who struggles when it comes to managing crack sweat, then shaving may be able to help you out.

Some will argue that shaving your ass will make it harder to manage sweat in your crack, but in reality, it allows it to flow out of your bum instead of trapping it in the hairs. One of the main causes of a smelly crack is trapped sweat, so if you want to avoid that, you need to start shaving.

When you sweat, in any area of your body, it will typically run across your skin until it reaches some body hair. Since the hair on your skin is elevated to a certain degree, it will usually run onto the hair before either dripping off or getting trapped in between the hair it’s on and the surrounding ones.

Beyond all of these other reasons, you’ll find that keeping your bum groomed will simply make it look better. Like we already mentioned, women like butts a lot more than you may think, and ensuring that there aren’t tangles of hair all over it is the best way to make it more attractive short of doing squats.

How to Groom Between the Cheeks

So you’ve decided that you want to take the plunge and get rid of the hair on your bum? There are a few different techniques available, and in this section, we’ll present them in order of our preference. Your three options are shaving (or shearing), simple trimming, or full-on ass waxing.

perfecting between the cheeks male grooming


Have you ever wonder how to shave your ass?

When it comes to keeping your bum hair maintained, there are few options that can hope to match shaving due to the sheer convenience and lack of pain involved. Of course, we’re not going to lie to you and tell you that shaving is free of downsides, but they’re relatively minor compared to issues with the other options.

For instance, shaving will require a steadier hand since you’ll have a blade right next to your balls and your anus, but it should be easier with the right equipment. If you’re looking for the right razor to keep your private parts free of excessive hair, the best option is a single blade safety razor.

When you shave your ass, you’ll always want to make sure that you use the proper technique, and you have a few choices. The first one is done by feel alone while sitting on the toilet and it is a little less accurate than the alternative, but it allows you to shave your ass much faster.

If you’re willing to dedicate yourself to a longer period of ass shaving, you can also decide to do it in the shower with a shaving mirror. Either way you choose, you’ll have to follow a similar process. First up, you’ll want to raise your legs so that you can access your ass in the first place.

Once you can see what you’re doing, lift your balls so that they don’t get in the way and get to work shaving your ass after a thorough rinse and application of shaving cream. Make sure that the skin you’re shaving is always smooth and not creased to ensure that there aren’t any straggler pubes.


Trimming is like the low-risk alternative to shaving, and we’d only recommend it if you’re just starting out. You’ll find that trimming your ass hair doesn’t do as much as you would expect it to, but you can reap the benefit of improving the look of your ass by trimming it as short as possible.

Since trimming doesn’t deal with the entire length of hair, you’ll have a lower chance of developing ingrown hairs and other unpleasant situations that arise when shaving down there. Of course, you’ll still have to deal with dingleberries and swamp ass, so trimming is a bit of a trade-off.

the lawn mower 3.0


Where trimming is the more mild alternative to shaving, waxing is the more extreme alternative. If you don’t want any hair to be left on your ass, then waxing will be able to pick everything up. Of course, as you would imagine with waxing, it is a much more painful process than the other alternatives.

 If you don’t mind pain and soreness, then waxing is the way to go, but you’ll also want to keep in mind that you can’t wax your ass alone, so you’ll need to go to a parlor.

We hope that we’ve been able to accurately present your options when it comes to grooming between the cheeks. Thanks for taking the time to go through this article, and if you want everything you need to keep your ass well-groomed, take a look at MANSCAPED.COM. You can get your men's grooming kit today!

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