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December 05, 2017

Sexiest Cars for the Socially Conscientious

There’s a long history of men loving cars. The call of precision machinery is almost primal, and we all get drawn to beautiful cars every now and then. Still, the world is changing fast, and the power under the hood or streamlined body aren’t enough to make a car truly worthy. Modern men also care about the environment and the repercussions of our choice of vehicle. With that in mind, these are the sexiest cars on the market today that still adhere to your sense of responsibility.


Toyota Mirai


We’ll jump right in with what might be the coolest vehicle on the list. The Mirai (which means “future” in Japanese) is a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. Basically, you pump hydrogen into the tank and a chemical process converts it to power. The only byproduct of the whole reaction is clean water, so it’s a 0 emissions vehicle. If you want a deeper look at how the technology works, this will get you started.  The Mirai can go 312 miles per “tank” of fuel, and refueling only takes about 5 minutes. There are two drawbacks to wanting the car of the future, though. They’re only available for preorder right now (for a steep $57,000), and fuel-cell infrastructure is lacking. This won’t be a cross-country vehicle, but if you live where there are stations, it’s the cleanest and most efficient vehicle on the planet right now.


Audi A3 e-Tron


Audi makes great vehicles, and their entry on the list is a hybrid sport back. Somewhere between SUV and sports car, this classy vehicle gets impressive mileage and starts at a reasonable $39,000. It gets surprising torque and power even when it’s running off of the electric engine, and it’s a ton of fun to drive. It’s also loaded with the luxury extras you might expect from an Audi, including multiple drive settings and state-of-the-art connectivity and entertainment. If you want the best of all worlds, this is one of the sexier hybrids out there.


Lexus CT


Getting a Lexus for $30,000 is already a surprise. Getting the most fuel-efficient luxury hybrid on the market for that price is almost a dream come true. Lexus brings a different take to sexy auto-making, but it is one that cannot be denied. More of a George Clooney of clean vehicles, the CT is a good-looking, high-performance hybrid that simply drips with class. Like the Audi, this car stays true to the company mantra and it is absolutely loaded with every fun extra you could want in a car (granted they might cost you extra).


Tesla Model 3


Finally, we come to Tesla, king of electric cars. Since the company’s debut, Tesla has been breaking barriers and moving the electric car world forward. Every vehicle they’ve made has been at the top of its class and dripping with sexiness. The Model 3 takes all of that and puts it in a package anyone can afford. It starts at $35,000, and it puts the crazy cool features of Tesla automotives at your beck and call. You want an autopilot car? Done. How about the fastest electric car on the market? Done. If that weren’t enough, Tesla vehicles enjoy the highest number of public recharge stations, and the Model 3 gets an easy 200 miles or more per charge. If you want a sexy vehicle that runs cleanly, the Model 3 is the champion.


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