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Should Manscaping Be Done Before or After a Shower?

should manscaping be done before or after a shower?

Shaving before or after a shower has long been debated by many a man. Everyone will have different reasons to tell you their answer, and when you add full-body manscaping to the discussion, it only gets more convoluted. It’s time to settle the debate. Take a look at the differences between grooming before or after a shower, and you’ll come to the inescapable truth.

Pre Shower Advantages

Grooming before a shower has some obvious advantages. First, it makes for easier cleanup. Any sticky hairs will be safely washed away, and you can be more confident in your finished look. It also makes it easy to treat irritated skin. A nice moisturizing body wash can help alleviate razor burn or other issues that sometimes accompany manscaping. So, when you can remove hair before the shower, it’s usually the most convenient option.

Post Shower Advantages

A warm shower does a few things for you. It softens hair (especially if you condition, and you should consider conditioning any hair about to be cut), exfoliates pores and exposes hair follicles. All of this means you can get a closer, smoother shave with minimal irritation. So, for the parts of your routing that involve a razor, you might want to consider grooming after the shower. If, however, you have a body type that doesn’t suffer from coarse hair and irritated skin, the post-shower shave holds less advantage.

Adapting the Routine

It’s also important to consider the tools you’ll be using. Trimmers and electric shavers work fine on dry hair, but if used repeatedly on smelly hair, the odors will cling to the devices. Razors are mostly designed to work with lubrication, so you want to make the most of your pregame. Ultimately, there isn’t a definitive answer to grooming before or after a shower, and the schedule of the day will often impact your decision. Understanding the tradeoffs, though, is the key to making deliberate, informed choices so you’ll know what you’re getting out of your routine.



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